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Since joining this forum last night, I have been overwhelmed with the positive responses I have had to my first post. I have learnt so much in less than 24 hours!! I hope that this next post is not frowned upon, if so, I will remove it, but I thought it would be useful to share with you all my ECG that was taken last week at hospital when I was in AF. I took a photo of it whilst in hospital. It means very little to me, other than I know that my sinus ECG looks so neat and tidy in comparison!! Not sure if there are any experts out there that know anything about ECGs but any comments are most welcome! Thank you

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Hi Yanbart,

I don't know how to read an ECG, however, they are the most important thing you can give to your EP when you see him. Every time I get an attack of Atrial Flutter, I obtained a copy from the hospital for my case file.

Best Wishes



Thanks Barry. Yes, I am writing to the hospital to make sure that my ECGs are sent to the Cardiologist so that he gets the 'full picture'. Best wishes to you also, thanks


Hi Yanbart, this site is amazing for support and knowledge for people who have AF.

I'm no medical expert but it's very obvious that you're in AF.

You appear to have lots of little flutters then some heavy beats following. It looks like mine used to before I was on meds. I still get readings similar but not as dramatic.

Are you seeing a cardiologist and are you on meds?


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Hi Denise. Yes, I am really enjoying the discussions so far. I find it very reassuring and everyone has something interesting/valuable to add. Yes, I agree with what you've said about the flutters and the big beats. It is NOTHING like what my sinus rhythm looks like. I just wish I knew someone to explain it to me in depth, as much to educate myself on this subject as to understand what is going wrong with my heart. I have tried googling however it is obviously a specialist subject and you have to be careful as a little knowledge in something is not always a good thing! I am in the process of having tests and awaiting MRI results and have started taking Flecainide 2 x 50mg per day a week ago. I have also, for now, and very reluctantly, stopped exercising for the meantime. What meds are you on? Are you looking to get an ablation or are you happy just on the meds? Thanks, yan


Hi Yan. Yes I'm on meds. I'm on Flecainide 2 x 100mg daily and Bisoprolol 2 x 2.5mgs daily. I've also recently been put on an anticoagulant Apixaban so am taking everything I should be.

I've had AF for 8 years so am finally thinking of an ablation.

My meds have been juggled but it's got to the point where there is no more juggling to do.

I started with just occasional episodes of AF that lasted a couple of hours and could go a few months without in between but now it's at the point where I have constant Ectopics and bouts of AF in between so basically my heart is now never in normal sinus rhythm.

I'm scared but can't live the rest of my life like this as I'm constantly tired and lethargic and just want to know what it's like to feel normal again.

I'm not an expert on reading ecg's but looking at yours it's similar to mine and what I was told is the all the little squiggles are the atrium fluttering and the large ones are the full beat though out of rhythm.

My EP explained that it's like having an extra set of batteries in the heart and they are all vying to control the heart so they're all arguing and trying to beat one another. A good description I think.

I'm going to LGI tomorrow to have a 24 hr monitor on as my EP wants to see what happens overnight in comparison to the day.

Visit this site regularly and you will get to recognise lots of people, it's reall comforting to see other people telling you their worries and fears and realising they are just the same as yours.

Take care. Denise

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Thanks for the reply Denise. It's very interesting to compare notes. Yes, that is a good description! Like you, I have gone very quickly from having the odd episode of AF that doesn't last long to having regular, prolonged episodes to the point where I am not sure anymore what 'normal' actually is. Looking back it took a few years for me to actually get a diagnosis, and that is only because I took myself to A&E one night! When it was happening infrequently, the ECG's never picked anything up, I physically knew they wouldn't as my heart would always go back to sinus after I made my GP appt. For a long time I felt as if my GP didn't believe me. Ironically, I wish I was back there at that early stage once again. Good luck tomorrow anyway and let us know what happens if you get the chance. Take care, yan


Hi Yan, the monitor is fitted and my heart is bumping around so there will be lots for the EP to see.

Like you, when I used to go for an ECG, my heart would be back in sinus rhythm so it looked as though I was fine. But now it's the opposite so the last couple of times there's plenty to see.

I've also just bought an Alivecor which I use when my heart is in AF so I have more info to show the EP.

You look young to be having AF, but then it's no respecter of age. Not much fun is it and it so spoils your quality of life.

Are you considering an ablation if it's offered?

Take care of yourself and stay on this site it's so helpful. Denise.

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Hi Denise. That's good news! I shall have to look up what an alivecor is. I'm guessing it's a type of heart monitor. That sounds a very good idea. The doctors keep telling me how young I am for AF (42) but I don't feel it at the moment!! I feel this is all putting years on me! Good luck with your monitor anyway and I wish you a great weekend ☺


Sorry I'm 41. 42 at the end of the month!! Haha


Being blunt tell them so what!!! I have it and need to move forward. There are others younger than you on this forum who have AF. Good luck.

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Haha thanks Peter. 😊


Worthwhile asking your EP how many under your age has he/she dealt with and if none consider swapping to a new EP who has experience just in case there are differences in approach.


I only bought mine last week so it's new to me.

I kept seeing it mentioned in posts then when I went to the AFA patients day at Birmingham 2 weeks ago they had some there.

That was a fantastic day being with a couple of hundred people all with AF and doctors and consultants explaining things and being able to ask questions.

If you get chance to go next year it's well worth it.

Have a great weekend and hope you are AF free. Denise

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That does sound good! Thank you. You know what after feeling absolutely shite for the last few days (excuse my language) and after having a dreadful couple of weeks tonight I am free of it and I'm just sitting here smiling. I will enjoy this wonderful moment for as long as it lasts 😊

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Me too, I learned more in a few days on here than I did in the 10 years leading up to finding the forum. Don't see why posting your ECG would be frowned upon, quite the opposite, very interesting to see someone else's. I can't read them except for seeing whether something is obviously all over the place or not.

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Haha yes, that's my take on the ECG! "It's all over the place!!" :) I wasn't sure if I would get comments along the lines of "Leave ECGs for the professionals" however that hasn't happened...yet! and yes, like you I find it interesting to compare and try and learn. I agree about learning on this site, I find it amazing so far!! Thank you, yan


Interpreting ECGs is a very specialist subject, all I can say is it looks like mine, and I am in AF 24/7

Be well


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Hi Ian. Thank you. Even knowing that it looks like someone else's is helpful so I appreciate your comments. If however you had said "What the heck is that?!?!?" then I would have worried a little I think! haha thank you, yan


Hi everyone, after some Googling, I came across the following website:


From what I can understand, they offer a professional service to health professionals on ECG interpretation. Anyway, I contacted them and asked if they provided a similar service for private individuals. I was slightly sceptical however they responded to say they do, at a cost of 15USD/£9.99.

I thought this was reasonable so went ahead. They asked me to provide my ECG to them, with questions, which I did. They responded within 24 hours as they said they would and I am very pleased with the reply which is as follows (the response obviously corresponds to the above ECG):

Please find answers below:

The ECG strip provided has atrial fibrillation. This is evident from the varying R-R interval (which has same morphology confirming to supraventricular rhythm) {More clearly seen in lead AvR.}

Ans 1 - The Inverted R wave with large T waves are ventricular ectopic beats.

Ans 2 - In atrial fibrillation, there are no decipherable P waves, however we can see some atrial activity which is known as fibrillatory waves.

Ans 2 b- There is no suggestion of significant AV nodal block. There is incomplete Right bundle branch block.

Ans 3- The double beats are nothing but Ventricular ectopy followed by supraventricular beats.

Ans 4- Since atrial fibrillation itself is a significant rhythm disorder the patient should be thoroughly evaluated including a cardiac ultrasound, evaluation of thyroid and lung disorder. He will be required to take long term medication. Nothing much can be said about function of heart from the ECG alone.

It seems to me that the more questions you ask, the more you will get out of this service, however, you need to think about your questions carefully I guess!

Hope this is of some use/interest to everyone that was involved in my chat.

Many thanks again, yan :)


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