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Progress - hopefully!

Well, having been incident free for 7 months (almost 8 if the brief rapid, but not erratic episode doesn't count!) I've met with the AF nurse, agreed that ablation is probably not the right option now (I was getting episodes at least weekly at one stage) and she has let me reduce my Flecainide medication from 150 to 100mg daily. This feels like a major step in the right direction. I've been on the lower dose since the end of August, and no ill-effects as yet.... fingers crossed!

I know I'm one of the lucky ones - I can eat and drink pretty much whatever I want (just need to watch ice cubes!), I'm gradually building my exercise levels back up and life has basically returned to normal. It's taken a lot of determination together with regular Amatsu sessions to keep my posture right and make sure the rest of my body is fit and well, which also relieves any pressure on the vagal nerve. However, I've now got to the point where, apart from having a look at the forum, I don't tend to think about AF for the rest of the day and I'm feeling the best that I have in years.

I wanted to share this with you as a positive story. Everyone will have things that work for them and we're definitely not the same, but determination can definitely help!

Best wishes


(P.S. I'm still going to the AF Day on Sunday, though - looking forward to the exercise discussion particularly!)

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I should add that the treatment changes are with the EP's blessing - the AF nurse is part of my EP's team.



Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully, I am not far behind you and agree that determination can help.

Please continue to update us periodically.


Great news Caroline - I really have my fingers crossed for you. I started my reduction of Flecainide from 200mg to 150mg a week ago and if all is OK will go down to 100mg daily.

Keep well and let us know how you are progressing.

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good news indeed

Stay well


Thanks Caroline, I'm close to reducing my 200mgs Flecainide after 17 months episode free, barr one 40 minute episode due to trying a known trigger. I'm being very cautious I know as I am waiting on my gut bacteria to improve with Probiotics and Glycine (to help the liver's burden) and to improve the head with Mindfullness/other exercises/put some distance from the initial diagnosis trauma - as I'm pretty sure my Vagus Nerve is a key player.

Will have to google Amatzu to see if it can help.

Hope all continues well.


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