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Hello everyone, went to see my EP today, and I am doing absolutely great after my Cryoablation just over 2 months ago. Back into my normal routine of exercises and enjoying the social side again, plus doing my work for the Gallery Exhibition this month., no episodes no palps. He is very happy of course but warned its early days still. I need to check my blood pressure throughout the day and record this, at odd times in order to work out any changes that need to be made to medications. Has anyone on this forum worked out the best brand to buy please, thanks in anticipation

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  • Hi ultramarine,

    Good news ultramarine - well done you.

    I think you are in Oz aren't you ? not sure but you could check it out. I use a Microlife WatchBP Home - its a desktop model and here in UK it is approved by NICE as it has the capability of recording AF, as well as BP and heart rate. It has a memory of up to 250 readings and the data can be downloaded to a computer in Excel format.

    If this isn't available suggest you Google a similar Omron product. Both are of high quality. If you don't want a desktop model I am sure Omron do other mobile (portable) models.

    Good luck, hope things stay like this.


  • Thanks John Great, I will check it out, just one question - whats the advantage of a portable as against a desktop model? Yes in Aussie Land, I hope things will continue in the positive vein (pun) I just feel so grateful for all on here and of course the medical fraternity.

  • omron M6 is the most popular in the UK for af. Has irregular heart detection and fully validated, cheaper than watchBP. Portable models less accurate, but smaller

  • Hi ultramarine,

    In my opinion the portable version of a BP monitor makes it as useful as a mobile phone with a heart rate monitor App, i.e., great to have around, small and easy to carry, reassuring but not accurate. Unless you have a need to monitor your BP and heart rate, say for example, every 2 hours or so throughout the day or unless you are an athlete and want to monitor things immediately after exercise, say, after a bike race or a run then I can't see the point. My own view is that it is more advantageous to monitor BP etc as a resting reading in a home environment. I know when I go to my GP and he takes a BP reading my BP goes through the roof (the whitecoat syndrome), and gives a totally artificial reading. In your case or that of any AF sufferer it is more useful to have a desktop device/machine which will also measure if you are in AF, as well as BP and heart rate.

    Hope this helps.


  • It helps a lot John and clarifies what I need to get. Thanks. I hope things are going well for you too

  • Thanks Goldfish

  • I have had the usual Lloyds one and found it good but as have to monitor frequently at the moment I have just bought a wrist one from Boots and find it very convenient

  • Originally I used a wrist monitor. EP said they are too inaccurate and to get a cuff monitor and bought the Microlife WatchBPHome A (A for AFib). For interests sake cross checked and found the wrist one was consistently out sometimes high and sometimes low and was up to about 35% out.

  • Thanks Peter

  • that's interesting Peter- I checked them when I first bought the wrist monitor and they were the same but I will get both going now and see what they are like on several occasions

  • I should have said that I am in persistent AF.

    Incidentally finger pulse monitor was up to 50% out.

  • Looks like you have tried them all Peter, good news for me, I don't know what the difference would be in regard to your blood pressure count, from persistent to paroxysmal but the EP said to take it at random over the course of one day so mine could be up and down I am guessing as I am paroxysmal, although at the moment I don't have any symptoms of SVT/AF as I monitored this from my alive core starting from the first day after the ablation.

    He did ask me why I thought I was so well, and I replied that I was doing my daily walk and some Tai Chi, Meditation etc, which I did before but this time had more energy, so it has something to do with the positive mind/body thought along with good genes. I was also told I had no other weakness or damage around the heart when he probed, which could probably mean no need for any pacemaker or something at this stage. He is playing it safe though, and keeping me on medication which I will alter in the new year probably due to my age I am guessing.

  • Thanks Rosy

  • I have a bp monitor desk top model brand name A&D medical it has irregular heart beat signal and comes with two cuffs large and small have had it for 3years now never had a problem very accurate bought it at my local chemist paid around $160 think it is made in England

  • Hi Mazza hope things are going well for you now after your ablation. It looks like the desk top one is the favorite of everyone over there I will let you know if I have any problems getting one in Australia.

  • I live in perth wa and they seem readily available over here

    I am doing very well thanks have had a few hiccups with one longish bout of AF but mostly fine

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