Pacemaker check up

Had my 4 month pacemaker checkup last Friday and now good to go for another year. Only thing I can't do is welding and told to stay away from induction hobs. Still on bisoprolol 2.5mg once a day which gives me brain fog and tiredness. Getting used to all this now. How do other people cope?

I can sleep on the pacemaker side now and wear a proper bra with straps. Result!

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  • You can still do gas welding or brazing, It's only Mig, Tig or Arc you can't do.


  • Thank you for this very positive update. It gives hope to those of us who may eventually need pacemakers.

    Very best wishes.

  • Fantastic!, I'm coming up to my year and feel great. Am so happy for you. Onwards and upwards as they say,

    Good luck ,

    Wendi x

  • Pleased things are going well for've had quite a history! Must admit when I stopped taking Bisoprolol I felt like s new person. took all my energy away. Best. Wishes. Sandra

  • Thank you all for your kind messages. Much appreciated.

  • I thought that the advice about induction hobs was out of date and unless you are literally lying over them, they are safe to use. Does anyone out there have a pacemaker and use an induction hob?

  • After nine weeks I don't notice my pacemaker but when I turn over on to my left side I can sometimes feel it being pressed into my chest and have to turn back.

  • I know what you mean seasider18. I can feel mine too when I lie on the pacemaker side

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