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Pacemaker check up

Had my 4 month pacemaker checkup last Friday and now good to go for another year. Only thing I can't do is welding and told to stay away from induction hobs. Still on bisoprolol 2.5mg once a day which gives me brain fog and tiredness. Getting used to all this now. How do other people cope?

I can sleep on the pacemaker side now and wear a proper bra with straps. Result!

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You can still do gas welding or brazing, It's only Mig, Tig or Arc you can't do.



Thank you for this very positive update. It gives hope to those of us who may eventually need pacemakers.

Very best wishes.

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Fantastic!, I'm coming up to my year and feel great. Am so happy for you. Onwards and upwards as they say,

Good luck ,

Wendi x


Pleased things are going well for've had quite a history! Must admit when I stopped taking Bisoprolol I felt like s new person. took all my energy away. Best. Wishes. Sandra


Thank you all for your kind messages. Much appreciated.


I thought that the advice about induction hobs was out of date and unless you are literally lying over them, they are safe to use. Does anyone out there have a pacemaker and use an induction hob?


After nine weeks I don't notice my pacemaker but when I turn over on to my left side I can sometimes feel it being pressed into my chest and have to turn back.


I know what you mean seasider18. I can feel mine too when I lie on the pacemaker side


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