Hi could anyone help please. I have been in AF for 44 hours now normally I am for about 20 hours. I have been waiting for Doctor to call for about 2 hours what should I do just leave it to see if goes? I had a stroke in January sine then I am now on a blood thinner. I have been offered an appointment for ablation on 9th August just feeling dizzy and tired now.

Many thanks.


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  • What is your heart rate? Usual advice is to go to A&E if you are feeling very unwell, chest pain, dizziness or faintness. That seems a long time to be in AF and a long time to wait for GP to call! I am not medically qualified at all but unless your GP or hospital has already told you not to go I think you are justified if you feel anxious. If you phone 111 they are bound to send an ambulance and so you can blame them!

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you can you believe it just gone into NR thank god.

  • Sorry heart rate was 80-110

  • Nothing drastic that. 180-210 and go to A and E. What drugs are you on apart from anticoagulant?

  • Many people are in permanent AF and manage to live fairly normal lives so it is really up to the individual. generally speaking if you have chest pain go to A and E, otherwise keep taking teh medication and shout at your doctor. Most A and E doctors will not really want to see you unless you have pain or are passing out.


  • If you're worried or in doubt as to what to do, then I would go to A&E if you've got someone to take you. I've done it a number of times in the same circumstance, i.e. not sure what to do or whether to be worried or not. Having done it a few times, I now wouldn't bother, but I do not regret going.

    You're ablation is booked for 9th August, it's now late September. Is that next year or a typo?

    Let us know how you get on. All the best :-)


  • hope you are OK now

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you are feeling bad, I would go to A&E if you have no one to drive call 111 and they will send you an ambulance. The worry and stress won't make things any better.

    Only my opinion.

    Wish you better very soon.


  • I was told 36 hrs then call ooo do not drive or let husband drive they would rather me call ambulance

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