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Abalation update

Hi everyone I'm home again after 17 sep glenfield hospital leicester was kept in anther nite cause of a little fluid buildup in heart 6 hour op was awake every was like wot dr ng said afterwards burning chest back and front no probs at all with catherter in legs at all don't feel anything when cables go into heart only just burning sensation when they burn just grit ya teeth next day pain chest pains disappeared and in the morning when I woke I could hear no heavy heart beats or fluttering all quiet I think the relief and all the buildup I just broke down and cried just to get it out the way and everything dr ng visited me and said it was the worse abalation he had ever done in my camber was like fireworks if anybody want to know anything else about procedure just ask all the best to u all oaky

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Glad to hear your still alive, fortunately I was spark out for the count. Sedation they said, don't remember a thing. I did wake up twice, said it hurts and was immediately knocked out again.


Must be nice to be home. Sounds a bit of a marathon all round for you. I don't remember anything. One minute they were about to start and the next it was all over but it was nothing like 6 hours. They must have done a thorough job for you! Do take it very easy and do as little as possible.


OMG I can't believe you didn't have a GA ! Mine was around the same time as yours . You are so brave ! And then to be told it was the worse one he had ever done , no wonder you cried ! But as every day dawns I feel a little better . I have to odd stray beat when I lie down at night but that's to be expected


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