Abalation update

Thing look to be going well for abalation 17 sep glenfield hospital nurse is ringing today with some info and I stop heart meds 2 days before think u continue with warfarin will find that out today will keep u all posted when the abalations been done got me earplugs,book,phone,hopefully I'm hoping it will help to have it as Dr ng says needs nipping in the bud before it goes worse Al the best oaky

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  • Good luck with it, mine was absolutely brill :-) . Don't forget you can't drive afterwards (2 days, or is it 7?). I had to be kept in for an extra 24 hours for some minor reason, so need a bit of flexibility in transport arrangements if poss.


  • Good luck. A couple of other tips that I was given which were great ones was a sports water bottle (the type from a sports shop where you have to suck) and lipsil.

    I was told that no driving was a week. First 48 hours because of the sedation and other drugs they give you - this is the 48 hours referred to on DVLA website. Then many consultants say 7 days (as a MINIMUM) because of the severity of the procedure, after affects and always when there is the puncture if they go into left atrium / veins. There is also another (sometimes overlooked) aspect of the groin "hole". People must consider if they are capable of doing a full emergency stop? If the answer is no then you should drive!!!

  • Got sports bottle earplugs etc me one sons taking me the other bringing me back will report back soon as I m back and sorted thanx all

  • Good luck. Report in as soon as you can.x

  • Will let u all know how's it goes oaky

  • Can anybody think of owt I've missed out or forgotten thanx oaky

  • I took an eye mask. It was of great help since I had to stay overnight and the light was hurting my eyes. I was able to get some rest once I put the mask on. Best of luck !

  • That was a great help for me as I have mine tomorrow the 16th at harefield , I took my last rivaroxaban yesterday , 48 hrs before but keep on with the rest . I've got I pod etc but I'll hunt round foe an eye mask . I was told no driving for 48 hours , the effect G A . Not looking forward to it one bit !

  • Gd luck m8 hope everything goes ok for ya keep us updated oaky

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