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HR 115 for 4 weeks post ablation

Hello all,

I had an ablation on 11th August and since then I have been suffering from periods of v high HR and a constant base HR of 115 my previous HR was 60. I am on 2.5 mg beta blockers and blood thinners and 50mg flecainide twice daily.

Find walking up stairs difficult and exercise is a no no. I wasn't expecting the recovery to be like this 5 weeks in.

Anyone else experienced this?



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Sounds as if it could be atrial tachycardia. Have you had an ecg since the ablation and what does the arrhythmia nurse say about it. I had this after two of my ablations and needed cardioversion after which it was fine. Be aware that raised HR is common post ablation but mine was seldom above 85 and 115 does seem a bit OTT. It took about six to eight months for mine to stabilise around 70.

Speak to your arrhythmia nurse if you haven't already or phone your EPs secretary and talk to her.

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Thank you.

I don't believe it is AT as HR is regular but I am unsure. I have been into A&E twice and they didn't seem concerned with 115 HR.

thanks as it was reassuring to hear that it can take a number of months to calm!



Atrial tachycardia is regular from my own experience but very obvious on ecg so if they did one and didn't worry then fine.


Ok thank you for sharing



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