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S.v.T. and anticoagulation?

I met up with an old friend I having seen in many years. She told me that 6 years ago she had been diagnosed with "palpitations" and given a small dose of a beta blocker I've never heard of. She wasn't ever given a follow up appointment. Her heart is regular but during an episode can go to 200 b.p.m.

I didn't want to worry her unnecessarily but I wondered if she should be anticoagulated. I have read that atrial flutter should be treated as A.F. in this respect and this sounds similar if not worse. What does everyone think? X

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Firstly it is hard to judge from second hand information and we shouldn't try to diagnose here anyway.

As far as anticoagulation is concerned we have CHadsvasc to look at allied to Hasbled and a balanced judgement to be made depending on both risk assessments even if it were AF. While I understand your concern we should all be very careful about what we tell others. Better to suggest that she asks for regular check ups rather than scare her with tales of stroke risk. My understanding is that it is the irregular and chaotic beat in AF that allows clots to form rather than the speed. Just as well or I would be a stroke risk every time my credit card bill came it.



I would have thought that she should be having regular checks to see what is happening.

It concerns me that so many people have never heard of atrial fibrillation but do apparently suffer from palpitations. I have an AF diagnosis but am adamant that I have never felt palpitations.

An old lady who lives in the next village to me called in to see the GP re renewal of her prescription. She was feeling fine but the GP said that he'd check her whilst she was there. He was so alarmed at her irregular heartbeat that he had her admitted to hospital that afternoon and she was kept in for 6 days.

I saw her several days later. " Have they given you tablets?" I asked. " Oh yes," she replied. " They've got me on those block busters."

I don't think that anyone knows the true extent of AF and the need for anticoagulation.


Block busters? Good one! Sums up an anticoagulant nicely but I bet she meant beta blockers.


Thanks. I'm glad I asked before scaring her! I actually think she will go and talk to her doctor now as a result of listening to the good care that I now receive from the medical profession. I think it shocked her to think she hasn't had any checks despite her prescription being renewed every 6 months.


My view is that she should definitely ask the GP for a full set of blood tests. If she has got AF then anticoagulation should be seriously considered and also referral to GP. Also is her GP up to date on practices re anticoagulation (including no aspirin for AF?)?


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