nose bleeds and anticoagulation

I am to have an ablation in 2weeks and I am to commence anticoagulants following the procedure.

I suffer from occasional nose bleeds due to an allergy of central heating and air conditioning I have had it for years. I mentioned this to my EP and he just said we may need advice from an ENT consultant if it became a problem. Has any one got this problem and is coping on anticoagulation


Many thanks in anticipation.

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  • Hello Paul - I have a severe allergic reaction to house dust mites - lifelong. Since starting Apixaban I have had a few bleeds which stopped with pressure but one which was longer lasting and caused a visit to ENT. Apart from now wearing a dust mask when dealing with house dust, I found saline nasal spray to be beneficial and haven't had any problems in some time. The one I use is Nasa-mist from Amazon and they do a saline gel which lubricates the nasal passages. I'll post a link when I find it.

  • many thanks I have recently started the saline nasal spray but I will try the gel

  • I thought that you needed to be on an anti coagulant before having an ablation as you do when having a cardioversion

  • This is the information I got at pre assessment so I am sure this is the process at the hospital I am attending

  • Presumably you are young and have a low stroke risk.

  • I am 64years old but no other underlying health issues

  • I had nose bleeds now and then, and ENT doctor said there were superficial veins near the surface inside my nose. She sprayed a local anesthetic in nose and cauterized them. No more problems, even now, when I am on warfarin for 10 years. May be little minor bleed now and then, but easily handled.

  • The only time I've had a problem with a nose bleed is whilst playing badminton; with my heart racing erratically at 19 to the dozen. Blimey, talk about Vesuvius !

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