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Eliquis and accidental scratch

My mom is on Eliquis and scratched her arm when she fell accidentally from the bed. She has a lots of bruises but two small scratches/scrapes that are leaking little bit. Will it ever close, or heal? Should I've take her to the ER or call ambulance? How dangerous these bruises are? What should I watch for? It is a long weekend and I can't reach the doctor. Checking her BP, all ok, she is feeling well, just the usual joint pain after the stroke, so all seems to be ok. I'm using Arnica on her bruises and Calendula on the scrapes. I know there is no antidote ... Please any advise.

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Hi Alizuna,

I am not medically trained whatsoever so please bear that in mind when I try and help.

It's unlikely she will need ER for the bruises or the scratch, Eliquis (Apixiban) will simply make the blood flow from a scratch for slightly longer than usual, and it's not usually serious. The bruising can often look dramatic, but just like me it looks worse usually than it is.

I would take her to see her doctor probably on Monday now, unless of course there are any other contra indications, but if she is feeling well in herself in all other aspects then these things happen when you are on an anti coagulant. Of course is she should complain of any other symptoms whatsoever then seek medical advice.

Be well



Many of us on anticoagulants have cuts and bruises, it is no big deal. Certainly doesn't sound like an emergency and no you do not need to call an ambulance or go to A&E unless she hit her head.

The danger from anticoagulants would be from bleeds you cannot see, not those you can. Check if she hit her head, keep an eye on her for 24 hours, if she seems confused or is nauseous or faints or unwell in any way - then ring 111 for advice or 999 if she faints or seems confused.

Use pressure with clean gauze or cloth to stop any persistent superficial bleeds from any cuts before putting on a dressing - normally would take 15 mins or so to stop an average cut in my experience. Never had a problem with scratches. Bruising can often be quite colourful!


I'm on another of the new anticoagulants and last year on holiday I turned my ankle on a paving stone that jutted out at the top of a flight of about eight stone steps. I went rapidly down, top to bottom, roly poly fashion, and sustained about twelve injuries - both shoulders, elbows and knees, right ankle and left forearm and hand. My head was OK. I must have looked very funny but my other half was too horrified to laugh and there wasn't time to get any photos. Fortunately there was no one else about and an ambulance wasn't called (I was 69 at the time and have white hair and people might mistake me for an elderly lady) and as far as I know I'm not on YouTube. The left elbow and forearm were scraped and bleeding slightly. There was soon an impressive swelling the size of half a walnut on the arm. I always have a first aid kit in my handbag but we didn't bother to do anything at the time. Back at the hotel after a meal we put a dressing on so that I didn't leak overnight onto the hotel sheets. Next day, apart from limping because the ankle was really the worst of the injuries, I was fine and the cuts and bruises healed quite quickly and didn't give any trouble. I hope your mother's injuries will prove to be much the same. I'm a big fan of both Arnica and Calendula.

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agree with Ian- just to add, if you think she hit her head then a visit to A and E is needed

good luck!


Thank you all! Mom seems to be ok, no confusion or dizziness. Her BP is fine so I relaxed little bit. The bruises look horrible but I understand why. Applying Arnica and Calendula religiously. I believe in natural ways of healing as an additional treatment.

I hope everybody is doing well!


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