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Had my ablation

Had my ablation

It's been 4 weeks since my ablation and I do feel so much better. I have had one dizzy spell and one episode but since that I feel so much better,I do get tired but figured that comes with it. I just hope I can have some relief I have been suffering with afib for along time I do have a pacemaker and been on allot of meds they never worked. I'm still on Tikosyn and metoprolol but hope I can go of those also on Coumadin . I'm 71 yrs old so hopefully this will give me a good quality of life. Seeing I feel so good now what does everyone think of my chances of this happening ?


Gail ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Sounds positive but of course that is what you must be . It will take three to six months for things to settle down so you may well get some funnies along the way. I'm seven years AF free post my third successful ablation so it can happen. Enjoy what you have every day. My motto is enjoy everyday as if it were you last because one day you will be right.



Great news! take it easy and stay positive.

Wendi x


Looking good Gail, in every sense of the phrase! Long may it continue.


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