Spectacular Bruises

I have quite enjoyed showing off my post ablation spectacular bruises to my kids - who are not easily shocked! I didn't have any pain from the groin bruises for a week or so but now get a real ache, especially at night, in that area. Enough to wake up and take a pain killer. Is it better to keep pretty immobile during the recovery period? It seems to be that on days when I have been walking longer distances the pain at night is worse; but maybe that's coincidence. I am very happy to have had a second ablation. The first was for flutter and I didn't even get a bruise. This time for fibrillation and the bruises are amazing as works of art; I don't mind having them, I'm just really looking for advice as to how to manage the recovery best.

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  • I'm 2 weeks post Ablation. Amazing bruises too!

    I read up about recovery- advice seemed to be to do nothing the first week and not much more in the second!! I'm walking the dog now , but slowly( fortunately she's old)but after a few chores at home too, I'm tired!!

    Energy levels much reduced!

    Best of luck!

  • I think you are doing things right. Take it easy. The amazing skills of the surgeons need us to let our bodies heal slowly even if we are only in hospital overnight. The temptation is maybe to think it's an instant fix. I know now that it takes time.

  • Hi Suzanne,

    Yes, I was going to sell my ablation pictures to the newspapers. Sometimes the result is somewhat rainbow in effect! Never fear it will go away. With bruising can go the ache so have a little more patience and hopefully, both will disappear.

    Bob (volunteer) did suggest that with the passing of the visual bruising, then was the time to get on the move. Again be patient. Wait for the visual bruising and the aching muscles to disappear!

    I can only give you my experience in that I did too much too soon and ended up in A and E twice in three days with unpleasant symptoms (North Yorkshire Ambulances are like rattletraps!).

    My AF returned after 12 days and I feel it would have been better if I had rested a wee whiley longer. Instead I walked the old railway line at Consett (7 miles) and drove the 100 miles to get there in the day 14 days after the procedure.

    The leaflet that I acquired from the hospital on aftercare is just a little too ambitious. Drive after 2 days. Back to heavy physical work after 4/5. Being a landscaper this was just too much too soon. With my second ablation due on the 16th September my progress will be somewhat slower this time.

    Remember the trauma. Someone has been inside your heart with the old 'flamethrower', broken into your veins and and trundled up your tubes with the catheter. You need to give all that time to heal, just like your leg so go easy. Listen to your body (again). If you feel something is happening, even if you can't put your finger on it; go read a book or rehash the Christmas Card list and rest! Good luck.

  • Thanks for your really interesting reply. I too thought I could get back to 'normal' too soon. It seems frustrating when your heart is beating normally that the body can't keep up! But you sharing your experience brings home to me the reality. The body has to recover. Good luck with your next ablation :)

  • Thanks.

  • HI my son had his ablation for SVT last week, and his bruises are quite something to behold. Spectacular! He is doing too much, of this I am sure, but he's 13, and of course, knows best. That said, he can't walk far at all due to the leg pain, so it is fairly rate limiting. They seem happy for him to return to school 2 weeks after surgery, so I guess by then he' ll be back to something like normal. We were just so thrilled that the ablation seems to have been a success that we didn't really worry about this bit afterwards. Seems from reading the replies above that I may need to slow him down a bit and put some really long movies on!

  • Yes, a new computer game or tablet game might help.

  • Ha ha, that's what he said!

  • Bruising is normal (we are on blood thinners after all), but I would wonder about increasing pain in groin area. Severe pain one week post ablation took me back to hospital and ultrasound showed 3 vascular injuries.

  • Was there any treatment for the injuries, or did they heal naturally. I hope you are fully recovered now.

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