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Four weeks after my ablation and not sure if its gone to plan, or am I being an inpatient patient!

The Ablation went well and I was home the next day, the first night at home was awful and I seriously didn't think I was going to make it through the night! As the night drew in my discomfort in my chest became unbearable, the only position I was anywhere near comfortable was sitting up, If I moved my upper body it felt as if I had a pain inducing pendulum inside me and any movement from the upright position escalated the pain and discomfort. I was taking paracetamol to ease the pain. I didn't sleep alight until about 5AM and then only two hours. I woke which I thought was a positive sign and considering mental state the night before, to my amazement 90% of the pain and discomfort had gone.

I was aware that during the recovery period I would likely experience more AF episodes so I was prepared, I was no longer on any medication and went two days before I had an episode, previous to my ablation I have at least one episode and sometimes three per day for thirty continuos days. This episode manifested itself with the old ticker out of the Sinus rhythm and and HB around 80 (my normal rest in HB was always 55), this lasted for less than an hour. Three days later I had a further episode similar to the former, another two days later, again similar. Then four days later 10:45 to 19:00 HB was 140 and out of sinus, during which time I popped 80mg of sotalol with no apparent effect, I was advised that if it was still running at that rate the following morning I was to go to A & E, fortunately as I said it was bak to normal at 19:00, my 'normal' since the ablation is no longer 55 its more around 70!.

I didn't have another episodes for another four and a half days, out of sinus with HB at 80 for less than an hour. These minor episodes continued and started to become more frequent, one day having seven. Last week I had them every day, on Thursday last I had two minor ones in the morning and in the afternoon I had one that ran at 140 took 80mg of sotalol after an hour within ten mins it was back to normal for twenty mins then back to 140 for another two hours.

Minor episodes every day since and yesterday I had another 140 episode which lasted from 15:00 to 22:00, took 80mg of stall two hours in with no affect, went to bed just after 9PM and within an hour it was back to normal.

I'm trying to stay positive but realise the ablation doesn't always work first time around, but i'm still hopeful!

Feel pretty useless during and following a major episode as it is so draining, so I have taken today off to recover and thought I'd share my experience with all you as I know you understand!


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Hi Chris and I do know how you feel. I do think that you may be premature as it does take at least three months for the scar tissue to form blocking the rogue impulses and it is pretty much open season for arrhythmias in that time. Don';t get too obsessed with checking HR and pulse as this only increases anxiety levels. It is interesting that you are not on medication as many EPs keep you on meds for a few months to allow the heart to heal rather than introduce new pathways by having arrhythmias during the recovery period.. You might like to discuss this with the arrhythmia nurse if you have access to one or the EP if possible. Your raised HR is quite normal after ablation by the way. Mine sat around 80 for quite a long time but did eventually drop back to the current 60-65.

I know you may not want to consider a second procedure but having had one you know what to expect and it does get easier. I had three before they got rid of it (five years now) and each one was easier. If after six months or so things haven't improved you might consider a repeat.

Illegitames non carborundum.



Bob, thanks for the reply, I realise I need to wait and allow things to settle down, its good to know there are people out there who have been cured, its just you feel your life is on hold! As I said i'm determined to be positive and try and relax more!


Hi Chris - Sorry to hear that you have these worries. Firstly let me say that having a heart rate of 70 is the perfect rate, between 60 to 100 is considered normal although for younger people that rate is 60 to 80.

I had my ablation 12 weeks ago and had a few episodes like you, one lasted over two days and for about 15 minutes one night I thought I was having a heart attack. I was really down thinking the procedure hadn't worked Now I'm feeling really well and have had no abnormal rhythms for 6 weeks. So my advice is just give your heart time to heal and be aware that you may get these blips. Will be thinking of you and please report back on how you are feeling, even it it's to report another raised pulse. A problem shared is a problem halved.



Jean, thanks and i will report back as I guess its good way of letting others know what to expect!




After I read your post I realized that we are sharing the same situation , as if you are talking about me

My ablation was month ago and you can refer to my previous post here

Sorry to here that someone else having the same suffering again , I still believe what Bob is saying that it may calm down later

My doctor put me of sotalol and he hope that it will be only for few months but for sure I'm still on warfarin, don't know about you ?

I really felt little better when I read your post since I know now that those frequent episodes may happened to others also.

Hope you will be better soon


Hi Maitha, I was on Flecanide for sometime before my ablation but after a while it stopped working, I was then put on Sotalol after a few admissions in hospital which worked well then after about a month I stated having episodes again but my HR remained below 100, like I said I was having episodes every day for over a month before my ablation. The consultant has told me to stay of any the Sotalol and was only advised to take it when I had that long episode at 140 HB, I honestly don't think that even works now!

You are right its good to know other people are going through the same problems, you don't feel all alone and talking to others who have had the ablation some time ago and even two or three times helps too.

I get more frustrated as I lead a really active life, I haven't been able to run for nearly two years, and my walking club haven't seen me for the last few months, hope to get back out there for the Oct walk!

I am warfarin and will stay on it for another two months at least, if by then its felt the ablation hasn't worked I will have a second and obviously it'll be another three months on the old rat poison!

I've had to cancel two holidays this year because of the condition, hopefully it wont mess my skiing season up!


Your scenario look like mine

Good to hear that you are still on warfarin , and I was on on Flecainide also along with bisoprolol before the ablation but didn't work

Due to frequent daily tachycardia episodes had been recorded after the ablation I'm on sotalol and I increased the dose but still not fully controlling my irreythemia , which is not flutter up to date

I think since you are having these episodes it is better to get it recorded on holter to diagnose what is happening and that is what I did last week and I agree with Bob that you may need rhythm control medication in this stage and if everything got better you may stop it

So sad to hear how your symptoms are effecting your daily life and that is the same here , I can't even plan for a weekend or going for shopping with my kids and no way to think of any long trip

Hope everything will get better for all of us


Since my last post I am pleased to say that I have only experienced a slight flutter yesterday evening for less than ten minutes following a shower a but if rushing around!

Something I may not have said is that whenever I had an epididode I would always suffer from acid reflux usually being a precursor to the episode itself . This in itself us really uncomfortable and I had be taking Gaviscon. Last week I had intolerance test carried out which identified I was intolerant to quiet a few foods, in particular wheat, I was advised to steer clear if bread , cheese, alcohol and many others, since Monday the reflux has gone! Is there a link to the AF and food, anyone had similar experiances? I will continue to monitor to see if there is any correlation between the two and report back


Hi Chris, the vagal nerve which connects the stomach and heart to the brain can trigiger AF in those people who are affected by it. Not everybody has vagal AF. You obviously do. Lanzoprazole or similar can usually help calm the tum but if you have been ideentified with a wheat intolerance then you have some chance to avoid it.


Hi Chris

Sorry to hear you are struggling post your ablation. Not traveled that road yet but its on my road map I think for the future. From what I read here your symptoms very much mirror others experience which while not making you feel physically better may reassure you a little. This is a horrible condition which we all struggle with in some shape of form. Here's to trusting that your recovery comes together soon.

Take care, Regards Dee.


Hi there

Interesting !

I never test my food intolerance but I have also problems with wheat and fresh milk , Not acidity but I don't feel good if I eat any of them, I think I can't digest any of them

In addition to my migraine related to special kind of food like banana , mango , grape, nuts , cola , chocolate , fresh onion , and others

My EP doctor mentioned earlier that those food may trigger AF in similar cases

I used to link AF with migraine but I'm not sure it is linked


I've had AF for many years and also digestive motility problems have developed over the years. A doctor had done some blood tests for allergy to lactose and wheat but it never found any conclusive diagnosis. It was recently recommended that I tried genetic screening. I gave no medical history and the results came back with a high predisposition to AF, lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance. I removed both dairy and wheat from my diet and my motility symptoms improved very quickly and I have had no incidents of AF at the same time of eating. This was frequent before.

You could ask your doctor to refer you for allergy testing.



Eleven weeks after my first ablation and eight weeks after starting a wheat free diet plus other foods I had been episode free. Last night however I had dinner at a friends and eat several thing which were on my banned list, (two cups of tea, a bit of cauliflower, Yorkshire pud and gravy) within an hours my heart fluttered for about ten minutes, nothing major I know but it just reinforces how much the diet is affecting my heart, has anyone else changed there diet to help control their episodes. I am drug free with the exception of Warfrin.


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