Six weeks post-ablation, holding very well, able to drop flecainide, but still on diltiazem. However, still miserable with stomach and groin vascular injuries. GI and vascular consults pending. I can't understand how I had the same procedure as many of you and came out so disabled. I noticed that the anesthesiologist was on bill for the groin catheter insertions. Is this typical? Since US medical training students, residents, and fellows change assignments in July , I also suspect I was an innocent guinea pig. Thoughts?

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  • I cannot understand why you should have stomach problems following ablation. My ablation was just over six weeks ago and the groin has just about finished healing although I still have a slight ache after a long walk. There were 12 people in the room and I have no idea who did what to me, but I am very happy with the result. However it sounds as though the ablation has worked which is great for you. I hope that the rest resolves with patience.


  • When heat is applied to the heart, adjacent organs may be impacted. Rarely, the vagus nerve which controls stomach motility, is compromised. So food and pills won't move down properly. Several others on this site had same problem, no easy answers, apparently may take months to improve.

  • Very sorry that you are suffering this. It seems to be very rare so very bad luck for you. Hopefully it will resolve over time.

  • Sorry. USA is a long way from UK and procedures whilst basically the same may differ in detail. I could not understand your "injuries" myself. They are very rare.


  • Hi, I asked my EP about difficulty swallowing etc as I had that problem after my last operation and he said that could be an after effect but he had never seen anyone a year on who still had a problem, very encouraging....

    Diltiazem slows your system down so that can't be helping. There was a very interesting post on here (yesterday I think) on the use of antacid medication and its affect on the stomach sphincters which might be helpful.

  • Found it under 'More on Magnesium' three days ago! Well worth a read.

  • Had my Ablation 2 weeks ago. Groin not quite healed but doing ok. Energy levels depleted but hopefully will improve as far from what I was!

    Swallowing was a prob to begin with- only 24 hours and little voice.Given antacid for 6 weeks.

    Upwards and onwards !!!

    Only hope it's successful.

  • Thanks, will review both of those ideas.

  • I am waiting for my second ablation, first one reduced the severity of my permanent AF. The only bad things about the first were the groin (and huge bruising that went with it) the horrid feeling when breathing deeply (the irritated heart is gently squeezed by the lungs) and feeling worse for about a month after, the good thing is that I am not permanently feeling the odd heartbeat, but continued to improve and now would gladly go through it all if I get a similar improvement.

  • I am in U.S. and also had anesthesiologist do catheter, however surgeon asked for only one groin site, as other had previous surgery for saphenous vein removal years ago. Had absolutely no healing problem at groin or neck. No stomach problems, but have had more "tickle" caused cough ever since. Sorry for your troubles,though, and hope they resolve soon. I'm sure each procedure is as unique as each individual and the luck of the draw sometimes. I hope the heart improvement makes it worth it!

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