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Further to my post about a month ago I now have date for my pacemaker fitting. I go for my pre-op assessment on 9th July and the pacemaker fitment on 14th July.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to see my EP to discuss which one to go for. Either the pacing only or the one with ICD. Following that consultation I am definitely going for the CRT/ICD. He recommended it since it would give me and more importantly my family, piece of mind. At least we would no longer be constantly thinking "what if"

The only down-side, at present, is not being allowed to drive for a month after fitting. Will also report back on the stories about key-less entry/ignition cars affecting pacemakers, since my car has that. My wife also read on-line that I should not use a chainsaw afterwards. Ah well, will just need to get busy the next couple of weeks getting the logs cut for the winter.

Can't wait to see what the improvement is like.

Watch this space.


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  • Good luck. Hope you will feel much better afterwards.

  • Hi wpw, thank you for your good wishes.


  • Hope the procedure is a complete success for you.


  • Thanks Jean.


  • Good luck and please let us know how you get on, watching space!

  • Thanks Buffafly. Will report back.


  • Or electric welder. induction ovens and hobs etc etc. I'm sure there may be some truth in these stories but be interested to hear what your man says. Can't see why a chainsaw would cause problems either to be honest.

    Good luck and please keep us informed.


  • Thanks Bob. Also didn't quite understand the one about the chainsaw. The article also mentioned generators, as in Honda type etc. I could understand that one since most folk, me included, use those without the recommended earthing rod, so there is the possibility that the generator will be earthed through our body. The Arrhythmia Alliance booklet I was sent says to avoid any equipment generating a strong magnetic field. This is because it deactivates the ICD part of the pacemaker. If the medics need to temporarily deactivate the ICD they just place a magnet over the pacemaker site.

    However I will certainly keep folks informed of my experiences in connection with any interfering equipment. First-hand experience is much better than hearsay AND a lot of the Google stuff.

    Hope you keep well Bob.


  • Apparently new style mobile phones shouldn't be placed in breast pockets when a pacemaker is fitted. Will you be able to recharge the battery in your pacemaker?

    Good luck.

  • Hi jennydog, I was saying to my wife that I will need to put my mobile in a different pocket since I usually put it in the left breast pocket of my overalls when I have them on. The information on the pacemakers from BHF and AA also say to use the ear opposite to the pacemaker when using the mobile. Normally that means using the right ear since the majority of pacemakers are inserted in the left side.

    The batteries are not rechargeable. The expected battery life is between 6 and 10 years depending on how often the ICD part activates. When the battery is nearing end-of-life then it means another wee op to replace the pacemaker. It's not as complicated as the first since it doesn't involve anything to do with the lead placement. The lead placement is what takes most time when the pacemaker is fitted originally.

    Thanks for your good wishes.


  • Good luck Walter, my thoughts will be with you and look forward to hearing from you regarding any equipment information and your progress. I have a pacemaker and also had an AV Node ablation and asked my EP about cooking on my induction hob and he assured me to keep cooking!

    Take care and don't overdo things too much before your procedure date.


  • Thanks Di. Is yours just a pacemaker or does it also have the ICD? If it's pacemaker only then then induction hob should pose no problems. I have left bundle branch block so I don't require the AV Node ablation. My HR is always low.

    Have quite a few jobs to do before the procedure but trying to avoid anything too strenuous.


  • You are right, mine is just an ordinary two lead pacemaker. I am still in AF but I don't get the awful symptoms just feel tired all the time. Not complaining as I feel so much better now (apart from 4 fractured vertebrae due to Osteoporosis which is causing me awful pain)! My EP is still keeping an eye on my leaky mitral valve but other than that I am quite healthy.

    All the best and take care,


  • Sorry to hear about the fractured vertebrae Di. I imagine the pain from that could be excruciating at times. However it's good that your pacemaker has improved things cardio-wise.

    I tried to send you a direct message but HU said it didn't recognize your user name.

    Hope the back improves.


  • Sorry about username, it is Ang3lc4ts. Better luck next time.

    Take care


  • Good luck hope all goes well.

  • Thanks Shirly.


  • Hope your pre-op assessment went ok today. My thoughts are with you for your procedure next week.

    Take care and angel blessings


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