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4 weeks post ablation

I had an ablation 4 weeks ago. 3 days post-op with a steady heart-rate but now I have AF every day for up to a couple of hours. The most worrying thing is that now I can't walk more than a few hundred yards and have to stop frequently on the slightest up slope. In January I was able to walk a couple of miles and climb a hill when I wasn't in AF and even in AF walking helped stop it. Now I feel weak, trembly and as if I'm about to go into AF all the time.

I was on Amiodarone but stopped it 3 weeks before the ablation and I'm now just on 2.5mg Bisoprolol. The recent posts have reinforced the EP's message that we can't make any judgements until 3 months. Here's hoping!

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It is early days and it looks as if your body is telling you to take it easy.

Remember that the ablated areas don't stop the rogue impulses until they have started to scar over and that takes months not weeks. Just take your time time and rest when you can. I felt like a limp rag for ages but all was well in the end.

To put your mind at rest why don't you speak to the arrythmia nurse at the hospital or to your EP's secretary.

Hope you soon feel better

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1) That Amiodarone is bad stuff. Works for some people, not for me. Sticks in the blood long after you stop taking it. So take it easy.

2) Bisoprolol held me back: breathless when out walking. Found exercise heavy going. My cardiologist even tried a 'puffer' for the 'asthma'!

3)Diltiazem is the softer approach to which I was latterly put on.

4) I was too eager too after my first Ablation and went out walking miles - too far in my case and ended up with SVT's (supra ventricular tachycardia) and two trips in the ambulance in three days to A and E. All the usual stuff then, drugs and cardioversions.

BobD Volunteer had a good suggestion:"When the bruising on the leg goes away then think about exercise". So----'Less of the leg over'!

5) My next Ablation due I shall spend weeding in the garden. God it needs it with this weather!

Reply need to give yourself a chance to heal and be kind to yourself....I remember what BobD said to me and that was just because you don't have a zipper in your chest ...your heart has had an operation and still needs to heal and that takes time .....not exact words but that's what he meant and I appreciated his words so much...

so .light heavy gardening, just go slowly to give yourself a chance....get up slowly and do things at a slower pace....

when my heart started to do all the weird beats that felt a lot like AF many times I would go have a rest....and that helped well, I had other problems but that was a complication I had to deal with too....

call your heart nurse and talk to them too to help reassure you as well as make sure they are happy with your progress

best of wishes


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I am in same boat but with junctional tachycardia now after trying first ablation to fix SVT's, I have avnrt and the above with a touch of Afib. I have no wind! I used to be a long distance runner and right up until surgery I could walk 3 or 4 miles with no issues. Now, not the case. I am scheduled for another ablation in two weeks. Like a horror movie! I am guaranteed a pace maker this round which I have dreaded for 20 years due to bradycardia. Just relax and give yourself more time to heal. I am only 3 months out, soreness all gone, just no wind but I they burned 5 nerves and not sure equipment was good as they have since closed the lab I had procedure in. If you don't get better I would suggest a stress test to see what is wrong or a 30 day monitor. You would be safe to be sure all good. I am not a doc but ruling out things is good I think. : D


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