Only 3 weeks since last seeing cardiologist, already have a referral for ablation. The week after next. phew.

But, I am now having such terrible swelling in my legs, they are leaking fluid. I already take 120 mg furosemide a day, so seeing my GP with 'crying legs' this morning, life is flipping unfair, I used to have lovely legs long and slim, ok the length hasnt change, but they look short and fat now. Sorry to moan but I feel like I have become disabled, just getting dressed renders me breathless. going to stop moaning now./

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  • This is so tough on you; the only consolation is that you have a rapid treatment plan. I hope it goes smoothly and improves your condition.

    It's so hard being ill and having your self image battered; remember you are still the same person under the symptoms though.

    Take care.


  • thanks happyjo,

    I have no self image atm though, 6 dogs to try and walk each day, I am beginning to become grumpy with them as feeling rotten. am so depressed, wishing my life away for the treatment to come round.


  • Hi

    Sorry poor choice of words 'self image' I was meaning identity. I found it hard to adjust when I had been fit, healthy and active to have it curtailed. I hope your treatment improves your health.

    Jo x

  • sorry you are suffering- hang on in there- you seem to have a plan! Let us know how you get on

  • Six dogs have to bring some positive energy! I always envy that most dogs seem to have good mental health--don't worry about their aging canine selves, no co-dependency, able to look on the bright side of things.

    I agree, what is up with the homely leg thing? Glanced in the mirror today and looks like someone tattooed complex colored road map all over back of both legs :( But I quickly remembered how much pain and disability I've been in with catheter wounds--just grateful I can increase my walking now to 15 minutes.

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