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Legs froze up after ablation

Hi everyone. 8 days post afib ablation. Feeling pretty good so far. This is my second afib ablation. The doctor however says he is not terribly optimistic on this one and says I may need a pace and ablate, however I already have the pace.

The other reason for this post is that I wonder if anyone has had an experience like the following.......

The nurse woke me at the hospital. At 2 in the morning and asked me to get out of bed. She was standing beside the bed ,but not holding on to me. I crumbled to the floor and banged my knees up( still very bruised up, bu I think I am ok.

I had absolutely no feeling in my legs, I couldn,t even feel my own hands touching them.

3 or 4 staff picked me up and put me back in bed. It took 3 to 4 hours to get feeling and 6 hours before I was feeling my old self.

They didn't,t know what was wrong but they thought it was the freezing.

It was 8 hours between operation and 2 am.

Anyway I am ok now. But I was scared, I wonder if anyone else has had this

Actually I hope not, it's scarey.


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Never had this or heard of it BUT it sounds like the nurse was aware of some problem with your legs and wanted you to move about. It sounds like when you lay on an arm and it goes dead so maybe a nerve trapped. What did the hospital say about it?


After 1st and 2nd ablations I had to lie flat bedrest for 18 hours, the 2nd time with a "fem block" on because I bled very severely from the wound site in my groin first time round. It caused havoc with my arthritic knee.


The only problem I had was the legs. 18 hours is along time! Marney


Very scary 😱! I'm glad you are back to your old self but hope it will turn out to be a newer self in spite of the doctor's doubts 💖


Buffafly. Yes, I intend to take it one day at a time and hope for the best. I must admit , generally ,the nurses and E P ,s here in Ontario Canada are very good and caring.marney

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Hi Marney

I've never heard of, or experienced anything like that. As I read your post all I could wonder was why the nurse asked you to get out of bed in the middle of the night?

It's certainly good to hear that you're doing well now.



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