Missed heartbeats

Hi everyone. It was about a week ago when I told you all I was advised to come off all my tablets following my 3 monthly follow up post ablation.

Well all ok until yesterday when I started having missed heartbeats... and lots of them. When Im not experiencing them I feel well but getting to the point now where all Im doing is sitting here waiting for the next one expecting it to trigger an AF attack.

What should I do? Feel like recommencing my Flecainide because I cant put up with this

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  • This often happens when you just stop. I came off over a period by cutting down a bit at a time.

  • Will it stop though Bob? Its a horrible feeling

  • It may well do so. The problem is we are all far too aware of our hearts and need to find ways to stop thinking about them. I know what it feel like trust me. Been there done that. Ectopics are harmless and quite normal I am told so try not to worry. Why not ring the EP department (arrhythmia nurse or even EP's secretary) if you are worried.

  • Thank you Bob. I think Ill do that tomorrow. Thank you for your reply caring especially on a sunday.

  • I know how you feel. I have come off lecanide quite quickly for the same reason and am feeling every single skipped,missed,hurried, beat! When I was on flecanide there was nothing! I think I had all these strange beats before I went on the medication but the A.F. was so bad that it masked or out did everything else. When I'm active either mentally or physically, I don't feel them. Ectopics used to trigger my A.F. but now only doing that ,now and then. I think I am going to need a second but am ok about that. Good luck with it all. X

  • I was on flecainide & bisoporal and experience missed beats.

    One day doing my first strenuous walk since my stroke had several episodes only to black out after one later I that day.

    Went to A& E & informed my cardiologist / EP - he took me off flecainide - have not had any more of those missed beats but now InAF most of the time.

    Awaiting for flutter ablation ( he will cardio very first the put me sotalol to keep me in reg rhythm) then perform the ablation to hopefully stop the flutter.

    I the need to decide about ablation for AF.

  • Tell your EP immediately

  • I agree, call the arrhythmia nurse tomorrow. I stopped Flecanide immediately after ablation but have continued on atenolol for time being. I was taking both. I have had what feels like variable heart rate but not AF (as yet). I can totally understand how you are aware and it's so frustrating especially in the evenings. Once you have had reassurance they may well subside. All the best...

  • Following my ablation and a period of relative calm, I too suffered from a period of ectopic runs. These came after 5 months and lasted for three weeks. Although I still get the odd ectopic, the runs seem to have diminshed.

    However, the mindset is still not convinced and every time I get an ectopic, I am half expecting to get a series followed by an AF attack - mind games!

    I was on sotalol prior to the ablation and I have it as a PIP but it is only really a crutch. Am only on warfarin at the moment in terms of meds. Maybe your runs are like mine and nothing to do with the meds, just part of the general recovery.

  • hi if you search for posts in my name you will read about how I cured myself of ectopic beats. I hear you they were horrible. I have to tell you though it took me months - to the extent that one cardiologist wanted to insert a pacemaker. I was in permanent state of bi and tri gemini - i.e. my heart was skipping every second and third beat ALL the time. I lived like that for almost a year. Doctors told me that whilst very horrible it would not kill me - I was not convinced so decided to try and find a cure myself. Good luck

  • I was never on meds for my AF due to a naturally low pulse outside the AF episodes. Post ablation I have had a lot of missed (ectopic I hope) beats so much so that my pulse monitor gives regular slips down to 30BPM and I feel breathless when this sustains for more than a few beats. I am now three weeks post ablation and it has subsided except for when I went for Two 5K runs in 3 days the second was a disaster, I had to walk some and even stop to catch my breath then suffered missed beasts for the rest of the day! I find that I get a lot less if I lay on my front. But as I have never been on meds it could just be part of the recovery.

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