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Havnt posted on here for a while but still read others posts. Off to see EP consultant tomorrow 31/2months post ablation. But today ( maybe rashly ) Ive booked a holiday to NZ to see my son next February. Dont know whether Im doing the right thing. Ive been fine post ablation except for a few ectopics its been ok. No doubt tomorrow Ill be taken off Flecainide. Thatll be the test!!! Bit scared but I thought when is a good time to do this?? Breaking the journey up both ways and have good insurance but still scared!!!!!

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  • My GP encouraged me to travel and I'm glad I took his advice.

    Hope your EP visit goes well. I do feel that the less flecainide you take, the better.

  • Thanks Rellim. Nice to know others do it. I dont feel quite to irresponsible!

  • Well, we can't let AF rule our lives too much! And, yes, it's a long way to go, but NZ is a great destination plus, for you, family as well.

  • Yes it is a long way but were stopping in Singapore both ways for a rest from flying for few days

  • Wonderful trip! Nice time of year to go too.

  • I had to go to Boston, USA, 9 months post-ablation, to see my son married. I made sure that I had Flecainide in my pocket to use as a pip if I had any problem.

    I suggest that you continue to have a stock of Flecainide and that you always have it to hand. If nothing else it will give you confidence that you can deal with an episode of AF.

    Flying did not trigger any Arrythmia for me although I do have some mild episodes now.

    Go to New Zealand with confidence that you can cope perfectly well.

  • Thanks Jennydog. Cant wait to see my son so hope everything stays stable before and during visit at least

  • I am in about the same position as you. At 3 and a half months post ablation I was good so booked a holiday to Dubrovnik in September. Then when I came off flecanide I had some episodes of A.F. so now having a monitor to see what is going on. However I am still looking forward to my holiday anyway and am so glad I have this to look forward to. I will just take the flecanide ( thankfully very much reduced dose since ablation ) and deal with the prospect of a touch up job when I come back. I really believe we shouldn't put our lives on hold if we can possibly help it. Either you will still be A.F. free in February or you will be back on medication but either way ,make sure you have a fantastic time. X

  • Thank you. Yes about what I thought Id do if I had AF after stopping tablets and go back after february for another ablation. Might not need to . Hope you enjoy your holiday too

  • My friend moved out there last year and had AF diagnosed out there. Within a month she had ablation and the care was awesome.

    Go on holiday, enjoy yourself, take flecanide as back up for reassurance, but if anything did unfortunately happen, rest assured the care is brilliant and sometimes better than here.

  • Thank you. Thats reassuring. I tend to forget others in the World have AF too. :-)

  • She is a nurse and said it was brilliant and that isn't said often by nurses lol ( I am one too)

  • I used to be. Had to stop. But thanks for your replies

  • Lot of nurses or ex nurses with AF ?? stress ??

  • I wouldnt be at all surprised

  • Have a Great time, NZ is a wonderful country! Travel whilst you can because you don't know what will happen tomorrow to make it impossible.

    I travelled New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam plus all over Europe with AF, sometimes in an episode, nothing bad happened. I also sailed the Atlantic in a small yacht with it. I can no longer travel outside of Europe unfortunately, because of various reasons so really envy you!

  • Wow youve had an interesting life so far it seems. Everyone on here are really encouraging so thank you for your reply. First time Ive ever been further than Europe so exciting but scary.

  • Having lived in New Zealand for a few years all i can add is the health care is very good and you would love the country and people

  • Hi I have also booked to go to NZ next January. I am seeing my EP next week as I have AF back 7 mths after cryo ablation. My brother tells me if I am taken ill whilst in NZ the health care will be free as he had a DVT 2 years ago when visiting NZ and the health care was superb and free. Enjoy

  • Yes do come. I am pretty sure we have a reciprocal healthcare arrangement with the UK.

  • Many congratulations. You've been through the mill so go and enjoy would be my message.

    On a general point however, do members know what's the situation regarding travel insurance for foreign holidays? I'm due for ablation in October but can't get cover until it's over and, even then, there's some doubt as to what will be offered. After a lot of shopping around without success I eventually chose Insure and Go who are normally very accommodating but the message there was exactly the same. I don't like the thought of travelling without being covered so what should I do?

  • Try Rush insurance. I used them when I went to Madeira and they knew i had AF. Dont know when you want to go away though cos I think they like 6weeks to go by before they ensure you

    Good luck

  • I have PAF and am also going to NZ and Australia next February. It's worth reading the NZ customs site (same for Aus if you touch down en route) but briefly

    and I quote

    "If you arrive in New Zealand carrying prescription medicine on your person or in your luggage you may only bring it in if you:"

    Declare the medicine on your Passenger Arrival Card.

    Have a copy of the medicine’s prescription or a letter from your doctor stating that you are being treated with the medicine.

    Have the medicine in its original pharmacy container, with your name on the label, and strength and dosage details clearly stated.

    Have no more than three months supply (oral contraceptives, where a six month supply is permitted, are the exception).

    Hope that's useful as I was as concerned as you with being away for a while!

  • Thank you Flyer thats great.

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