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Hi all , just had my ablation date bought forward from 27 th of this month to 20 th , which is this monday 😧😧no pre op just got to rock up at 7.30 Monday morning , not even been asked about my inr level ,starting to feel very nervous and anxious , trying to fight these feelings but they just come over me , everything seems uncertain not sure when ill get back to work , should I still go jogging Sunday with the dogs , how long before I'm back on my feet, will the ablation work all these things going round in my head , sorry about this but helps to vent lol cheers Paul

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  • You will be fine but make sure you take at least two weeks off work. Slow recovery is best. Great news by the way Paul. Less time to worry.lol


  • Thanks bob , I've booked two weeks off work , ( had to put my holidays in for this ) yes a bit unexpected but after waiting all these months just want it over with well this part anyways, then looking forward to getting back to it i will be lost for two week not working its all I've ever known need to get mended and back to it lol thanks again bob cheers Paul

  • Hi Paul, That's what happened to me, no time for pre op they should do it all when you arrive, Having said that good job your not a woman though they didn't do a pregnancy test even though I said I wasn't pregnant and ended up being set up in the lab and then returned to the ward until I could pee for a test! bit too much info I know but then returned for procedure 8.30 that evening!!! all well though.

    Good luck


  • Hi Wendi , umm this is what worries me if they forget a simple thing like that lol , I'mTrying not to

    Panic too much because of panicking my wife and kids feel for them it'll be the quickest 4 hrs kip I've ever had but the longest four hour wait for them I hate the thought of them all upset x

  • This happened to me, Runcrans. After postponements, I managed a fourth consecutive INR test in range and bingo I was whooshed forwards with no preamble of any kind. Report at 8am. Good stuff! Get it over with! Yes, scary but for me it was the start of life again and I moved out from under a black cloud. Perhaps tell your family you are having tests in the morning and perhaps you'll be done and dusted before they start to worry. I felt back on my feet very quickly and had to remember to slow down.

    I'd get an INR test done now unless you have been having weekly tests. On the day, I'd gone from 2.8 to 3.5 in four days but they went ahead even though I was out of range.

    All the best!

  • Thank you rellim, yes I've been having weekly inr tests anyway was 2.5 last Tuesday not got result for this week yet so fingers crossed it'll be rite , I do just want it all over so I can march forWard and try to recover from this , cheers Paul

  • You should be fine with the INR then and just as good, hopefully, with the ablation. Keep us in touch!

  • Good luck Paul. Soon be here and soon be over. One week less to have to worry. You will soon get your life back which will be wonderful. They will take great care of you. It will be fine.

  • Thank you rellim and meadfoot fingers crossed nowt to lose I don't think lol cheers Paul

  • Good news Paul even if it brings your feelings to a head. My procedure just got postponed for a few weeks at short notice so I'm feeling the opposite.

    I know it's easy to say but the ablation was easier than the worry and concerns, be as straight with your family as you can it only makes things worse for them if they don't know. Show them some of the ablation posts on here, I have 2 and many others with positive ablation experiences hopefully will help ease their minds.

    Pre op = have you got MRSA, are you allergic to anything (should be on your notes). And they will ask you at every opportunity and has anything changed, probably won't ask you if your pregnant 😃 so nothing to worry about.

    INR mine had dropped below 2 just before my last ablation so I got a nice injection into my gut to ensure it wasn't a problem and they were doing a TOE with the ablation anyway.

    Anyway good luck and remember to share your experience on here for others to gain comfort from

  • Thank you fyldewhite , I have been straight with the wife and kids they no exactly whats happening and when it's just while I'm not there I'm worried about them sat in hospital whittling about me , sooner it's done the better I can march on c what else life throws at me cheers Paul

  • Yes I will post here as soon as I'm feeling upto it 👍👍👍

  • Good luck. It will all be over soon.x

  • I agree its good news for you. Get is over and done with as soon as possible.

    I think almost everyone is apprehensive before any procedure or operation - its to be expected, but the doctors and nurses are doing these procedures every day so there is no need to worry.

    You're doing this for a better time for yourself and your family.

    Go for it, and good luck



  • Hi Paul.

    Apprehension and worry are normal. But allow yourself to be excited that things are about to get better. Share that with your family too. Two weeks will pass in a flash.

    Glenfield are very good, so all the very best for Monday rest up well and report back!

    Take care


  • Thanks Debbie , Dave , dedeottie , I will post and let everyone no my experience as soon as I'm

    Upto it ,cheers Paul

  • The 20th is my birthday so it will be a good day for you. Are you on any other meds? Ive got my ablation for 24th and need to stop taking some.

  • I should check on the Warfarin situation. One ablation I had to come off it, one he wanted me under 2 and another I just halved the dose the evening before.

  • Good luck Paul. Don't worry and don't let the family worry. Just relax!!!

    I had my first ablation at the end of March this year and I was in the cath lab for 6.5 hours (knew it was going to be a long one) and then flat on back for 3 hours. Time just flew by!!!

    Two weeks is the minimum. I was told absolutely nothing for the first week after coming out of hospital - only mobile, TV remote and ipad allowed. For second week not much more!! If it is longer then I would say so be it. I was told no lifting for four weeks. Your long term health is the most important thing. Try doing too much to quickly and it could set you back.

  • Hi Peter , I finally got a call from a arythmea nurse yesterday she said pretty much the same , maybe go back to work after two weeks but the wife said no I'm having three weeks off lol 😬, the nurse was very reassuring about the procedure and outcome of it , had to stop the flec and bisoprolol now only my warfarin to continue , I want to give myself every possible chance here so I will be listening to your advice as well as the good advice of many more on here ,how are things with your af now then Peter ? Thank you for the advice cheers Paul

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