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Ablation ?

I have now got my ablation date ( hooray 😁) 24 th March. Does anyone know what K582 K575 K586 and K621 mean I've tried to find them online but have only come up with polyps and irritable bowel, both of which don't affect me and surely have nothing to do with an ablation. The letter starts with YOUR Ablation - Atrial Fibrillation ( then these for K's it's the numbers ) procedure has been booked for 24/03/2017. Thank you

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I suspect these are internal hospital numbers allocated to your case and not anything medical. Please don't look for problems.


Are they the codes for doctors surgeries in Yorkshire? Just googled and that's what came up in a list!!!!

Does that make any sense?

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I shouldn't think so koll as I'm in the south of the country, as Bob says they're probably some internal hospital code for something. Thank you anyway . I only wondered if anyone knew straight off .


They're NHS procedure codes:

K582:Percutaneous transluminal electrophysiological studies on conducting system of heart.

K575:Percutaneous transluminal ablation of atrial wall NEC.

K586:Percutaneous transluminal three dimensional electroanatomic mapping of conducting system of heart.

K621:Percutaneous transluminal ablation of pulmonary vein to left atrium conducting system.

Google "K582 K575 K586 K621 NHS", and third hit from the top is a spreadsheet.


Ah thank you ectopic , so just a sort of NHS list of what they're going to do, not anything else or sinister !! I've always been intrigued by things , maybe that's a good thing maybe a bad one......... who knows !!


Not sure, but just look foward to getting it done, it's not to bad procidure,

had a lot worse pain at dentist,

Good luck keep us up to date afterwards

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