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stress management etc

I have a lot going on in my life. we have a terminally ill son, a difficult business to run etc. I used to take paxil at night and it helped me so much. when I went on flecanide they said it was highly contraindicated. Does anyone take any similar drugs and are there any that are not contraindicated. Thanks so much to this group for your support. it means so much to me

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I can't help with your question but want to acknowledge your pain. Not surprising that you can't sleep and a cruel twist of fate that flecanide stops you taking something that would give you some relief. I really hope someone on here can help. You are in my thoughts and prayers. X

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So sorry to hear of the tough time you are having, I was taken off that medication and put on fluoxetine when I was on flecanide for the same reason, please see your GP and ask for a review and hopefully a different medication.

Good luck and keep posting,

Take care

Wendi x

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Wise to continue searching for the best meds. It's easy to ignore self-care when overwhelmed.


This is a worry i have never heard this word contraindiction now have researched it. Would a cardiologist prescribe flecainide if it could cause more harm or death. I trusted the medics to do their best. I have been wellno symptoms on flecainide but is this good long term i have wondered. Bob what do you think vhris


You poor dear soul... Your GP must allow you to discuss possible alternative medication with him, make another appointment a.s.a.p. Good luck in everything and God bless, Marykhall3.


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