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I will be in Doncaster (my home town) in August 2014, I know there are 2 specialists 1 at the DRI and 1 at Park Hill, and was considering seeing one of them for a check up and to make sure I have understood everything they have done in Italy. How do you get private appointments, how long does it take (here you can quite often get an appointment the next day if you're paying), and how much are private appointments (on average)? I presume the echo-cardiograms & electrocardiograms I have had done here will be the same in any language <img Pauline src='//' alt=':)' title=':)' />

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  • I have just had a private appointment. I had to wait 2 may be quicker if you explain circumstances. An initial consultation and e.c.g. cost £220 altogether. Any other tests would obviously increase the bill but if you can produce recent test results you wouldn't need them. This was at the spire hospital in cardiff. Hope this helps.

  • Last time I had was about 2 years ago, with an EP working for BMI in Birmingham. £150 including the ECG he did himself in his office. I think I got it by just asking my GP for a referral to him. Can't remember how long but it was a few week. My first ablation was done by him privately, so that probably made it easier to be referred back to him. Not sure how I'd have got on if it was a fresh appointment?

  • hi

    I have had a lot of check ups in europe and have taken results to UK NHS docs, sometimes they take note other times they insist on doing their own tests.

    As far as seeing a private cardio I would suggest that you look under BUPA hospitals in UK, you will prob be seeing the same as on the NHS but it will be much faster. I think usual cost of an initial appointment is of the order of £75-£100 . Hope that is a start point for you

  • Am I correct in that you have to ask your GP for an open referral? Then presumably you can approach whoever you want to?

  • Thanks a lot. Never thought about Birmingham my son lives there so that would be quite convenient.

  • BMI's near the centre and if NHS the EP's are based at the new QE (same consultants).

  • Hi Paolina,

    You would be able to access an Electrophysiologist which is the type of cardiac specialist you need, at the cardiac centre at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals which covers Doncaster too. I suspect a GP in Doncaster would refer you there anyway as it the closest specialist centre from there. They have some wonderful cardiology specialists and four EP's all of whom have a good reputation.

    I saw an EP from there a couple of months ago, privately and the consultation cost me £200. I waited a week for the appointment. Tests were then done on the NHS therafter.

    Good luck, you will be taken good care of.

  • Thanks a lot, that sounds great, and as I know Sheffield quite well would be very convenient. Pauline

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