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Aching chest

2days ago I started swimming again after over 7 years. I loved it. I swam for about 15 minutes on two days running.

Its now 8 weeks since I had my ablation so I thought it would be safe to do.

Thursday night I woke with a intense ache in the centre of my chest. Its still there but not so intense and not continuous.

What do you think? Swimming or something else I should worry about? My hr is regular and beating about 60-70bpm.

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Could well be muscular since you have been using muscles you had forgotten about. Happened to me once though not from swimming. but if you are worried speak to your doctor.



Thanks Bob. Dont want to go to A & E with it . Pity its the weekend and no doctors about untill Monday. Im hoping its muscular too but afraid Ive done some damage following ablation. Ill try to ride it out till monday if I can. Hopefully itll be better by then. Thanks for your reply


Bridget at 8 weeks you won't have done damage to your heart. In fact the main risk post ablation is the groin entry point opening up but after a week or so that should be fine. My AF journey started when I strained all my inter-costal muscles trying to undo a very VERY tight bolt and ended up in hospital with suspected heart attack. Felt like Nelly the Elephant sitting on my chest when they all went into spasm together at 4 am. I think that probably constricted my heart and started the AF but that is just my theory since it was another five years before it was diagnosed.


Sorry, this is not advice, just a story. I was in a coronary ward for over a week once. A guy was rushed in with a massive heart attack, certainly he and his wife were gutted and very depressed whilst they waited for 2-3 days for results and tests. Conclusion was he'd pulled a large chest muscle doing carpentry, so they sent him home very happy :-) .


Thanks Koll. Im waiting for out of hours doc to call me. Think theyre gonna give me ECG at local hospital


I'm glad you've rang the out of hours GP. Like the others who have responded to your post I too think it may be muscle strain, but its good to get it checked out. Let us know how you get on please.



Ive just been to see out of hours doctor who agrees that it is probably muscular although my BP was a bit high 145/100. If it continues Ive got to see my GP on monday and ask to go to Angina Clinic.

Hope its better by then. But thank you friends for your support


I would be surprised if it was angina. Angina generally happens whilst exercising or immediately afterwards, not in the middle of the night. It also comes and goes. You don't have those symptoms.

Also you went back into swimming a bit enthusiastically, perhaps start with 4 lengths then gradually increase it by 4 lengths a session and do alternate days with another exercise like walking or cycling. So as others have said, most probably a pulled muscle.

I think your high-ish BP is because you were stressed out by the thought of a heart attack and now you know it's most probably not you can relax.



Thanks Mark. I believe youre all right as I feel alot better today . Im having bloods taken for thyroid levels this week so will get nurse to recheck BP.


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