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Seven day event monitor

Has anyone had a 7 day event monitor fitted? I suffer with PAF but have not had a bad episode for more than a year. The EP I am seeing privately said that I should have one of these monitors fitted as I may be suffering episodes of AF without knowing. He wants to be sure before prescribing anti-coagulation.

I must say that the tiny event moitor is much less obtrusive than the 24 hour Holter monitor I have had previously, I was able to play a round of golf without it interfearing, mind you my golf wasn't much good but I can't blame the monitor!

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I'm having a 7 day monitor fitted in a week or so and I just know that those 7 days will be the ones when I'll have lots of energy and be able to climb mountains without any effect at all on my heart. I've had them before and understand Sod's law!



I had a 7 day monitor fitted about two months ago. I had a good week while wearing it and thought it had not captured much but apparently it had. It showed useful information for my medic. Clearly I was having short episodes which I was unaware of which was useful to know but not particularly good news as I thought my episodes were big ones on occasion and nothing in between.

I hope yours proves useful.


I hope that it's one of those that works all the time rather than one that needs to be triggered when you feel that your heart is irregular. My first one picked up a 36 hr episode which did not correspond with my diary record. The second one picked up an episode during the 4th night.

The worst thing is the itchiness!

Good luck.


Had a monitor that I had to wear for 30 days. It was a pretty neat device . It had five leads that you hooked up to stickies on your chest . You wore a small monitoring device on a lanyard around your neck and these leads hooked into it. This sent a signal over to a blackberry that you kept with you. The blackberry sent the info to a site and they would monitor the results. My doctor would get reports daily and if an abnormally showed up they would call him. While wearing this device I did a strenuous bike ride. Rode up a steep hill and ran out of steam. Must of set some alarm off cause my wife got a call from them wanting to know if they could talk to me right then. If you had an event the blackberry would ask you all kinds of questions like what were you doing,what were you feeling,etc. Pretty cool. Lot better than the holter monitor


I had a ten day monitor with no problems except skin marks for a bit when it had gone. They show you how to unwire yourself to have a shower etc so apart from tucking the wires into clothes it was ok and proved to be very useful capturing events. Make sure you log everything - they will explain when setting it up. Good luck.


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