Linq Loop Recorder and Event Monitor?

Hi: I had my first cryo ablation done 1 year ago but am still having strange problems with my heart. They implanted a loop recorder about 10 months ago but so far,it has not recorded anything. My problem is that I am still tired all the time (blood work fine), can not exercise anymore because I am out of breath from it, and I experience light headedness with any movement(checked by ENG). I also can not even go to the grocery store anymore without feeling like death warmed over when I get home! I just feel worse than I did before the ablation.

I have pursued this problem with another EP (my EP is leaving the practice after only being there a year!) and she wants me to have a Cardiac CT Scan and an MRI of my heart. She also ordered an event monitor for me to wear for 3 weeks to try to pick up the vibrating feeling I get in my heart at night. I know I'm not feeling right. Something is wrong.

My questions to anyone here is: has this ever happened to you? Every time I read the forums, it seems people have snapped back to good as new within 3weeks to 6 months! But not me! And does anyone think that the loop recorder and the event monitor will not work together?

Thank you so much for reading my post:)

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  • I don't know if this will help - i haven't had cryoablation but I felt tired all the time after RF ablation and as it was my second I knew there was something wrong. It wasn't until I developed symptoms - about 3 months after ablation - that I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease.

    But I wasn't getting any heart tremors or unusual beats.

  • Thanks CDreamer :) I just put the event monitor on today and hopefully it will show something. I'm so tired...

  • Hi Kjab

    I had a loop recorder fitted 5 months ago. It wasn't showing anything on the recording even though I was feeling rough. I found out the info was sent to Germany first, then here and it could take a month to come through. I now do a manual download every morning. You press the grey button on the front lift the receiver, place it on your chest and press the large grey button on the back. This shows everything that has happened. From the hospital saying nothing was showing I am now being advised to have am ablation. My attitude is I am going to give them all the info I can. Also bear in mind a lot of the people looking at your results are not medical but PC peeps.

    You heard the expression "The computer says No!"

    Hope you start to feel better soon

  • Hi 2564: I've had the doctor look at my loop recorder results in the office when I had a follow up. They have a tech from the Medtronic company come in and manually download from my implant. Doc said nothing serious...maybe not to I'm hoping the event monitor, which I just put on today, will show something in the next 21 days. Thanks :)

  • Well I only had cryo ablation 6 weeks ago and I haven't snapped back at all. It was complicated and lots to do so I did feel as though I had been well and truly abused when I woke up and I had hyperthermia but 6 weeks on a short walk leaves me flattened for about three days. I was looking forward to being more active but it isn't happening yet. Check up next week so will see what they say

    I dont know anything about loops

  • Thanks Puddychops. I always feel like a failure because everyone else seems to do wonderfully after ablation but as yet, I can't do anything I used to do before. Let me know how you're doing in the next month :)

  • I will let you know.. I think the various probems with the structure of the heart and the amount they have to do to arrest the rogue nerve pathways plus side effects from drugs will dictate events so don't be surprised if you are not hopping about like everyone else. I always start out with optimism but am sually disappointed.

    Probably better not to think too positively then anything else will be a pleasant surprise 😀

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