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Topic: GI bleeding risk higher with novel anticoagulants than warfarin in older patients


Topic: Depression, anxiety increase mortality risk in patients undergoing oral anticoagulation (vitamin k antagonists)


Topic: Watchman Analysis Confirms "Similar Benefit" Compared With Warfarin


Topic: Antiplatelet, anticoagulant therapies similarly effective for carotid, vertebral artery dissection


Some of these topics could be of interest to some people. Others will say good to know but what can I do with the knowledge. If something comes up in your AF treatment challenge, some of this knowledge could be useful to help you understand your doctor's recommendations and decisions. Unfortunately there is no universal silver bullet or guarantee in regards to any recommendation or decision. And that is a real bummer!

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  • Thank you for the first link. It looks as though Pradaxa is right for me.

  • some NOACs are more prone to cause GI bleeding than others- all have less cerebral bleeding than Warfarin

  • It is going to be weighing up which is worse the GI Bleed or the brain bleed noac or not noac that is the question?

  • Anything in the brain is a big worry as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather die than have a seriously debilitating stroke.

  • I will be happy if I reach the age it starts to a problem.

  • Every day is a triumph.

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