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Thanks to all. Arrhythmia Alliance, I believe is under the umbrella of the AF Association in the UK it is the new site set-up in Australia. If you click on Communities at the top of the page (green) on the drop down part you will see Arrhythmia Alliance, if you click on this the same format appears only in (red). I didn't think it was for SVT only. The only problem I can see is the name AA as in Australia there is a group called Alcoholics Anonymous, which everyone is aware of here. Maybe if someone over in the UK from the AF Association can enlighten us all regarding this (including the name) that would be great. In the meantime, thanks again, thought everyone was fed up with me! I received one reply, many thanks Koll for checking this out. Keep well.

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  • As you say AA means either Alcoholics Anonymous in the UK or The Automobile Association ( Car Recovery & Breakdowns)

  • That kind of fits, I feel broken down and in need of some wine, haha...

  • Hee hee me too!!

  • before I had AF, I sometimes used to drink about a half bottle of wine at the weekend or maybe a few beers in the week, but not anymore Ive gone off of the stuff.

  • I stopped having any alcohol for several years, suspecting it to be a trigger for my AF. Then just before Christmas, when my heart had been doing strange things for a week, I was invited to a neighbours house for nibbles and drinks. He had an unusual dutch wine, which I couldn't resist trying and it was so nice I had a bit more etc. Guess what it cured the problem and I've felt great ever since. This AF is such a strange thing!

  • Hi Ultramarine. In fact Arrhythmia Alliance was the original organisation set up by Trudie Lobhan in UK to fight Government apathy on cardiac arrhythmias. and when it became obvious that so many of the members had AF it was decided to hive off the AF community by starting Atrial Fibrillation Association or AFA which is now known as AF Association. . This was around 2007. Arrhythmia Alliance still operates covering such things as SVT, Sudden Adult Death, Syncope etc and when we have our annual conference each October there are actually two meeting. one for each arm of the organisation. AF Association Australia was I think set up in 2012. and branches of the organisation are springing up all over the globe.

  • Can I ask, does AFA deal with all arrhythmias or only AF as the name implies?


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