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Missed heartbeats

Hi all, I have AF diagnosed last December, only on apixaban and to use Bisoprolol as needed, not tried that yet as I have been lucky that I haven't had any more episodes. During the past two weeks my heartbeats have been between 45 and 50 but over the last two days have stayed at 45/47 at rest. This morning whilst using my hairdryer I could feel my heartbeat pounding and it felt like skipped beats so I took my pulse and there was a pause of what seemed like 2\3 seconds between beats then it reverted back to normal quite quickly. Is this something I should be worried about, was my heart trying to go into AF again, hope not. Not seeing EP again until around September when he will discuss pacemaker again but if I am coping OK with slow heartbeat don't want to go there yet, I am 68.

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Your rate is quite low to be honest and I wouldn't take bisoprolol as that may reduce it even further and result in fainting fits. The gaps may well be ectopic beats and these whist not normally a problem (all people get them) could add to the risk of faints.

Why not ring your EP's secretary and explain and see if you could see him earlier.


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Thank you Bob for your reply, I am off on holiday to Portugal 3 weeks today and have managed to get insurance yesterday for AF. If I don't have any more strange beats I will take a chance and wait until I get back to ring his secretary as if I went to see him and he recommended a pacemaker and put me on a waiting list I wouldn't get insurance. I feel OK and haven't had any fainting fits just a bit tired, peobably I am used to the slow heartbeat (except when I had AF), just felt a bit worried today about the missed beats.


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