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Do Missed heart beats always turn into AF? Does the bisoprolol stop it happening?

Hello,. I have this idea about my missed heart beats..

Well, I had a MI about 6 yrs ago.. I had a stent and felt okay.. About 4 months after MI I had mild vibrations in the chest that turned out to be missed heart beats...they seemed to come and go... I was on all the meds for MI which included Bisoprilol 2.5.. So I'm wondering if the missed heart beats were getting ready to turn into AF but kept down because I was on Bisoprolol, but after a few years the Bisoprolol most have wore off and that's when I had an AF attack? I was put on a higher dose of bisoprilol to 5mg. I haven't had a AF attack yet but have had missed heartbeats. So Im wondering is the bigger dose off bisoprilol keeping the AF away until it wears off again or will I still get more attacks of AF, which I haven't yet? Im wondering about when I do get the next attack of AF, has the bisoprilol worn off again.?

I was diagnosed with AF about two months ago now.. I had an echo about 5 weeks ago and a 24 hr monitor 2 weeks ago, not heard anything yet, but will ring in a weeks time if not herd anything!

Sorry if its l a bit long winded!

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Ectopic beats are not and can never become AF. Completely different animals.


Bisoprolol is rate control not rythum my missed beats never turn Ito af different thing altogether


But Bisoprolol controls my arrattic AF, and isn't arrattic the same as rythmn?


I'm not on any medication currently but often get ectopic beats they have never correlated with when I have an afib episode.


I am afraid I am a little bit different (of course!) In my case, while ectopic beats do not ever turn into AF in my case they trigger the AF. They build up and get closer together and then hey presto the AF begins. This has been confirmed by my EP after looking at my 2 week monitor a couple of years ago. Fortunately my medication and ablation keep everything under control. So I would agree that ectopics can never become AF but can certainly trigger it. However, in your case, this does not appear to be so as you have had ectopics but no more AF so Relax and try to ignore them.... easier said than done I know but trust me when I say that the more you worry about them the more you will seem to have.

Take care x


Yes, but I wonder if the Bisoprolol worn off and that's why I had my first attack of AF, then I was put on a higher dose of bisoprolol and no more AF..., for now!

And like you , I wonder if the ectopics are building up and starting off the AF? Hmmmm.


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