Help I cant get travel insurance

Hi everyone very excited about my trip to Amsterdam but struggling to get an annual travel insurance saga would not but they would give me a single trip. I was told John Lewis woukd they wouldnt give me anything at all. I have the europe medical card but guess I need my own too. I think its because I have had two a an e admittance in last 12 months. Can you recommend as going on wednesday thank you in anticipation chris

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  • Hi Chris - If you open your post and look at the related posts on the right you may find an answer there. Sorry can't help you more than that.


  • Thank you very much chrus

  • I noted a recommendation in the Mail on Sunday dated 19/10/14 for a comparison of 22 specialist companies :-

    Medical Travel

    0844 887 2105

    Mon-Fri 9-5.

    Also try :-

    This is ( on WHICH list re existing conditions)

    Good luck.

  • Thank you very much Chris

  • Why don't you take up the offer of single trip insurance?

  • I will as i feel happier having insurance but wanted an annual policy but finding it difficult been helpful getting so advice here thank you

  • Hello Chris - I use All Clear Annual protection for last 2 years = I made it cheaper by excluding cancellation cover and just have it for medical expenses= you can apply either online or talk to a very helpful human.= Good Luck

  • Your cheapest option is probably to buy the single trip now and as soon as it is 12 months since you went to A&E get the annual one. Welcome to the frustrating world of heart condition travel insurance. While I was in AF I could get insurance but as soon as I had the ablation which fixed my condition I then couldn't get insurance for 12 months at a sensible price. Madness or what ?

  • Oh goodness i havent had the nerve to travel as so much problen and fear and now trying to get this sorted out i will just take the cover single. You are right thank you

  • Flexicover offered us annual (husband has several conditions and both of us AF). They have paid out too for canncellations . All Clear (it's a broker) also paid out when OH developed AF on hols. Took a while though.

    Enjoy your trip Wendy

  • go on money travel insurance for people with medical conditions we always find one there that suits the pockets

  • Try this site medical travel and you will find an insurer for your trip.

  • I use Staysure Travel Insurance who seem fine for either single or annual cover although Winter Sports cover seemed to bunk up the price somewhat! I had a new aortic valve in Jan and several AF events with one unscheduled hospital visit since.

    I wanted cover for sailing in the Baltic in July and they covered all that happily. good luck with your efforts to find suitable cover.

  • I just got a quote from World First. I declared everything AF pacemaker hypertension and it came out at 192 for annual policy. Google it. Good luck, From Barry

  • hi i flexicover good worth a try

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