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Ablation no2

Had second ablation yesterday all went well apart from being really

nauseous and sick which even though I was given anti sickness drugs

before my ablation and during the night, just didnt work. Felt bad this

morning but awful nausea feeling had left but had a thumping headache.

Felt really dehydrated so just tooks sips of water to make sure it stayed

down. Managed some toast and tea later on but felt unwell again during

the journey home. I crawled gratefully into bed when I got home.

The young lady in the next bed and I were talking about drugs and I

asked her what she took she replied Aspirin, I said what anti coagulant

she didnt kmow what I was talking about. I told her about HU and she

would find lots of information etc. Her husband arrived as we were

talking and hes the one she said used the computer so I told him,

he said she takes aspirin and they are blood thinners. I realised I

was wasting my time so I shut up.


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Glad you are feeling better Shirley. Some people one just can't help.



Well done Shirlygirl, let us know how you're feeling in a few days. If you're not computer savvier finding information must be difficult. I guess we're lucky x


You'll be glad to have it behind you, Shirley. Do hope you feel well again quickly - but take it easy!


Well done, let's hope your second ablation does the trick . I had my second ablation back in February and am also hoping its worked. 😄


Glad you are over it. Those darned headaches are so intense and in my case lasted for about 5 days. Keep the chin up and drink plenty of water (rather than tea or coffee).

You may have actually helped someone!!! They may have been on aspirin for some years as an anticoagulant and not aware of the NICE recommendation changes. There is no recall or assessment system for many conditions or medicines.


Hi Shirly, I do hope that this second ablation will prove to be 100% successful. You certainly deserve a good outcome after all you've had to endure!

Re the lady on aspirin - there is something dreadfully wrong with her medical care. They had me on aspirin when I was first diagnosed with AF. It upset my stomach very badly and, of course at that stage I knew nothing about anticoagulation.

Very best wishes.


Hi Shirlygirl - It's good that you are going with what your body is telling you right now and resting. I hope you soon feel better.

I've had the conversation re aspirin and warfarin with a friend who was recently diagnosed with AF, he looked at me and made it obvious that he thought his doctor knew best. I don't think I'll be bringing that subject up again.



Thanks to everyone feeling a bit rough this morning but im sure ill improve

as the day progresses. The entry points bled quite a bit whilst in hospital but

thats stopped, however they are covered with see-through dressing and

im wondering if im doing right by leaving it for a few days. I also have

small lump which I know to keep an eye on. My neighbour in the next bed

told me her GP had started her with the Aspirin and even when referred to

cardiologist he never changed her prescription. She also said shes passed out frequently and had very bad dizzy spells and on one occasion fell forward breaking her elbow in four places. Her cardiologust advised her

not to go for ablation as her problem was in the left atrium and is too

difficult to get to. He put her on Amidarione, sorry spelling could be

wrong, she developed a stomach problem and had to have an operation.

When she attended Leeds Infirmary she saw a electrophysiologist who

Id never heard of but when she turned up for her ablation he wasnt

available and my electro took her case. Unfortunately because of this

she felt she was left in the dark and didnt have continuation because

when you have your initial appointment to discuss the ablation you do

feel as if you have a connection with them. Of course Lee Graham who

I have seen from the start, could do little more than introduce himself

and he was doing the ablation then rush off to begin surgery. I felt her

experience wasnt very good add to that her first ablation was cancelled

after she had waited most if the day. Of course if emergencies come in

they must take precedence I just felt overall my treatment was much

better, its just the luck of the draw, to a large extent.

I realised the staff were thin on the ground, after being there a while

with time marching on I reminded them I hadnt got a gown, got down

to the theatre with no arm bracelet. Cannot fault ablation team felt

very reassured all very efficiient.



Shirley. When I had my ablation six weeks ago they put one of those clear dressings on and gave me a spare. They said to change it in three to five days and to make sure it stayed sealed!!


I had my ablation at LGI Shirly and my overall experience was very good. However, I'm not surprised there could be good and bad news stories, as they get through so many. It's like a conveyor belt 😊 I hope everything goes according to plan for you.


I think that we must always tell people about the fact that aspirin is no longer considered suitable as an anti-coagulant from last year because many taking it don't have a clue. The person may have been started on aspirin years ago and just carry on because that is what they were told. If they don't go to their doctor or if their doctor does not remember that the person were put on aspirin for anticoagulation (and if they haven't seen someone for a few years who can blame them) then it won't happen that they are put onto proper anticoagulation.


Thanks Peter for the advice my dressings are clear and dont seem to have

bled any further, I was wondering how long to leave them so im glad of your imput. I wasnt given any dressings but I have some so no problem.

The patient I was speaking about had af about 4 years as I have, but her

treatment hadnt been good, when I mentioned anti coagulants she did

not know what i was talking about. I could tell that neither her nor her

husband were interested in what I was telling them, will they have second

thoughts, maybe.



More likely not (unfortunately)!!! However at least you tried. Unfortunately some people don't realise that things change in medicine just as in many other fields and that GPs don't and can't be expected to know about everything and are always right!!! I know a few people like that including one who relies on a medical assessment by an army doctor in the early 50s when being assessed for National Service!!! Ummmmm


I kept my dressing on until there was absolutely no sign of the hole and in fact put an ordinary plasters (fabric ones that seal all the way round) on for about or 4 days afterwards so about 10 days in all. Possibly overkill but wanted to be certain no chance of infection!!


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