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Increased hr

Hello everyone. Well its just over two weeks since my ablation. As promised I will report that I am ok. Apart from a faster hr than before. Not sure if thats normal. Its not irregular as far as I can tell but Ive gone from a hr of 48 to 78 and it feels a bit odd. Im waiting for the 'flip' when it goes haywire but hope it doesnt. The ablation went well so Im told and apart from a few days of chest pain immediately afterwards Ive been ok.

Ive been sensible and taken things easy for 2 weeks but am now doing more and Im wondering if thats why my heart is working harder.

Anyone else had this increase?


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Raised heart rate after ablation is quite normal Bridget. Mine sat around 80 for some months but eventually settled back to 70 ish. Just another thing they forget to tell us!

Relax all is well.



Thanx Bob. I will


Yes. I thought it was really weird, but it slowed down over the next few weeks. It hasn't gone quite down to where it used to be which actually was a bit on the low side.


Well mine was too to be fair and I dont mind it being between 60 -70 because I feel better when its a bit higher. Its put my mind at rest anyway. Thought it was just going to keep going higher.

Thanks Rellim


I imagine you'll be fine. I remember being conscious of the fastness of it in the first couple of weeks or so. Not fast - seventies - but not what I was used to. It settled nicely.


Good. Cheers


Hi Bridget, great to hear you're doing well! I had my ablation done on Monday, and I've gone from HR at 65 to 80. I'm very conscious of it at the moment, and scanning constantly for flutters and missed beats (but like you no AF so far!).

Best wishes,



Oh hope youre on the mend. My pulse seems to fluctuate but so long as I stay in sr itll be ok. Nice to get the ablation out the way though isnt it? Fingers crossed it works for us.


Yeah, really nice, and very much worth it for a chance at stopping the AF. Do post up any progress on here, I'd be glad to hear it.

All the best.


As you know I had my ablation on 30 Mar but flipped back into AF three days later. Before the CA was typically in 75 to 90 bpm. While in NSR mid 60s (lovely!!!) but after flipping back into AF my average is in the 90s, often high 90s and into low 100s. Saw my EP consultant last Friday and he said it is to be expected to go up (as Bob said) and he is increasing Bisoprolol by 1.25mg and then to increase by another 1.25mg in a few weeks if does not pull it down enough. Also possibly to add digoxin.

Certainly when I do things it goes higher but then I have been careful what I do.

Obviously your case may be different and your percentage increase is higher. If you are unsure then go to your doctor.


Thanks peter I will. It seems to have fallen again to about 60 at the moment but still getting little aches in my chest. Ive come to the conclusion that even after the ablation things arent going to be 'normal' again.


No don't think that - I am sure they will (although some "normal" levels, etc may be different in the future to those in the past). A HB of 48 is not bad and typically (years ago) mine was around 60.

My EP consultant (also said on various posts) said that it takes 3 to 6 months to fully recover (and effectively normalise). Normally he does a 3 month consultation review but originally in my case this was made an 8 week review because I have a minor leak on the mitral valve (possibly caused by the AF) and a moderate to severe leakage on the tricuspid valve. However as I had reverted to persistent AF within 72 hours he pulled me back after a month. In-between he had already referred me to a heart valve specialist from the London Heart Hospital.

Fromm the beginning EP said that some pains, heavier beatings, faster beats, etc are to be expected especially in the first three months but also in the following three months. Mind you that does make it difficult to know if it s OK or should be heading to A&E. I had a few of those but didn't go.

Now almost 5 weeks on things have settled down much more and I am improved even though back into persistent AF.



You are less than three weeks since your ablation so it is really early days to reach any conclusions. I was told that the first three months is a blanking period to assess the ablation and that periods of AF and ectopics are often expected in the early days.

I am now 10 months out following my ablation and certainly for the first six months got ectopics but after the first week or so no further AF that I am aware of.

The strange feelings have diminished to virtually zero and ectopics (that everyone gets although they are not aware of them) have become pretty rare now - in other words feeling pretty much back to normal.

My heart rate was faster following the ablation but is now down to around its normal for me 70 bpm at rest.


Encouraging. Thanks Dave


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