On the home stretch

Back up to full time hours this week.... now 4 months, 14 days since my 2nd ablation.

The meds are down to 1.25mg bisoprolol and then two lots of 400mg Dronedarone per day.

I'm working my full quota of hours this week, over 5 days... which has been heavy going.... the knee is now my main problem being painful and swollen all the time but I'm back on the Ibuprofen and maybe in a few months I can look at a knee operation to repair the damage I've been managing for years.

Tiredness is slowly wearing off, and I've got a lot more energy a lot later in the day than I used to have.... I'm lasting til 9/10pm without feeling like I want to go to bed, instead of 7/8pm....

In the last 2 weeks I've regularly hit 5/6 miles walking per day and even took on some of the Pennine way to walk on during my day off last week. I'm sure thats probably why the knee is complaining but the important thing is the heart can take it!

I've got EP follow up in about a month's time..... still not had my 5 day tape back here in Derby yet.... but I've not experienced any eptopic beats of note (which they were going to try and pick up) or any flutters/attacks

All is good so far!

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  • Fantastic. X

  • Really good to hear :))

  • Brilliant news, jedi - enjoy!!

  • Brill, and long may it continue :-)

  • Great news!

    I'm v pleased for you.


  • Excellent news.

  • Good to hear all is going well after your ablation.

  • Always nice to hear some positive news amongst all the doom and gloom!Hope it keeps up for you....

  • Thanks for keeping us in the picture. Great that it's looking so good as you've had a fair share of ups and downs.

  • Great news. Long may it continue.

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