Off to the GP - this has gone on too long!

My AF started 5 days ago and as usual I thought I would go back into NSR naturally. This morning I phoned GP and got an emergency appointment. I know I am going to end up in hospital - I've already

packed my overnight bag! My worry is cardioversion, I am terrified to say the least! I know they are going

to offer me that as they did the last time I was hospitalised but I felt that it was a drastic procedure that

I did not fully understand so I refused it! They discharged me and told me if it happens again then I should consider it. Now I have joined this forum I understand a lot more and think I will undergo CV. Blooming terrified though! I am on warfarin and bisoprolol. Wish me luck!!. Patricia.

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  • Hi Gemini,

    CV is no big deal nowadays - you'll be fine. As you've asked though; good luck.


  • Hi Patricia, firstly it is quite normal to feel worried about having an electrical cardioversion. Secondly , having one is really ' a piece of cake! ' I am speaking from considerable experience , having had 13.

    These are normally performed either in the ante room of operating theatre or catheter laboratory or special section of coronary care unit. You will have 2 adhesive patches placed on your chest or one on front & one on back & of course have leads attached to you connecting to heart monitor etc You will have had a cannula put in your hand / arm through which the anaesthetist will deliver the sedation before the shock is delivered. You will drift off into the land of nod & when you wake up a few minutes later hopefully you will be back in a normal heart rate ( sinus rhythm).

    You are normally allowed to go home a couple of hours after the procedure but you will need someone to collect you as no driving allowed for 24 hrs.

    Patricia, you will feel so relieved when it is all over & wonder why you worried so much. It is the fear of the unknown & I know I was terrified at the idea & had no forum like this to express my worries.

    Wishing you well & do let us know how you get on.


  • Best wishes to you Patricia, I feel guilty for feeling sorry for myself now xxx

  • I love cardioversions. You go into hospital ill, short sleep and wake up cured. There really is nothing to worry about. Best wishes. Jean

  • Pat if its chemical its fine if its zapping then you won't know about it ! Get yourself well dear..

  • From one Patricia to another....

    Good luck!

    I've no experience of CVs but as others have said, no need for you to be worried ; )


  • Good Luck.

  • Hi

    I literally have just arrived home after having my second AF eposide in 16 years. I underwent cardio version and my heart was back in normal time when I woke up. I was discharged in 3 hours, it really is painless. Easy to say but you will be fine,

  • Well...thank you so much to all of you...I do feel reassured. As I thought, I have been admitted to hospital and being monitored over the next few days. My heart rate was 130 but the have increased my bisoprolol to 10 mg. I can still feel the floppy fish sensation...oh and they told me they can cardiovert with drugs...I didn't know that

    . We'll see what tomorrow brings. Thank you again - I love this forum. Patricia.

  • Cardio version is fine. Nothing to worry about. I am on Pradaxa and bisoporol and feel great.

  • Hi Patricia - I'm just wondering how you are today?


  • Jean - thank you for asking. The Cardiologist I saw increased my bisoprolol to 10mg and told to continue my warfarin. He was going to give me a Flecanide drip but because my INR has not been very

    stable then they decided against that. He wants my blood to stabilise and then do the CV zap if things have not settled down. I have to go back in a week to see if I am stable. I got home a few hours ago still with the

    "floppy fish" feeling but Cardiologist said that although uncomfortable he is confident that it is not dangerous and as I am on Warfarin then there is very little risk of stroke. Feeling a bit light headed with the extra 5mg of bisoprolol but hopefully this will settle too. If this feeling in my chest goes on I will welcome the CV now that I have been reassured both by people on this forum and also the doctor in the hospital. All my bloods were good and my heart scan showed no abnormalities - thank God!! In the meantime, feet up and sofa rest for me!! Once again, thank you. Patricia.

  • Hi Patricia - I am in the same position as you right now. My heart is racing, has been for a few weeks and I'm just hoping I will be given a cardioversion ASAP.


  • Oh Jean....I know how you feel. I am the same and am just hoping that my INR stabilises to I can get this sorted. I am also on 10mg bisoprolol and this is not helping. Is it just me or does yours appear worse when you are resting? I continue to be scared although the cardiologist was happy to let me leave hospital - also I am exhausted.....are you feeling drained too? Aw....I hope you feel better. Patricia.

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