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2nd ablation done

Hello ive just had my 2nd ablation done on thursday , i had a burn this time which i did not feel atall . Last time i had cyro a freeze which i did feel . They found atrial tachycardia which they did 2 burns to try and stop it , also found another abnormal signal but did not treat as to near to hearts natural pacemaker, was told that one wS hard to induce anywAy so could be controlled by tablets . Feeling very sore in groins ,and feel a bit bruised over my body and neck this time , been told they are not dangerous arythmas but cause i suffer with anxiety i still do worry alot . How long would people give it till i can go for a walk about . Just feeling tired and a bit battered at min but not to bad xxx

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Well done you . Now take it easy. I would rest for a few days if I were you if only to allow the groin to heal. I was told do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second.



Well done,

As Bob says take it easy and stay positive!



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