Here I go again.What should I do?

After 2 years (ablation) AF has come back. Just once in March but now everyday for the last 10 days, yesterday for 15 hours .At the moment it's much more bearable as it's not fast between 47 and 80 bpm ( used to be at 150 + bpm ) I suspect it's probably only time before it gets going with gusto! My EP signed me off last August but did say just get back to him if it reappeared. Question is what would others think is best ,if I'm offered , another ablation to nip it in the bud ASAP or try meds and go for the ablation when things have got much worse -if it does. All thoughts appreciated especially if that's how it happened to you.


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  • I am really sorry to hear that - how frustrating especially when you were probably getting really comfortable with NOT having to think about AF.

    I'd strongly suggest you speak to your EP now rather than later - they know you and your heart much better than we do,

    . Why allow your heart to have more stress and strain put on it when a professional can get in there and find the problem now rather than later when your heart is weakened into it happening more frequently.

  • Ring his secretary today plus ask your GP to write again with update. Don't delay as you really do not want your heart getting too used to being a pain in the a---. I had three ablations in all. No problems.


  • Sorry to hear that. I feel that you should contact EP and get an appointment ASAP no matter which way you decide to go in the end.

    I was in persistent AF and then had a CA at the end of March but went back into persistent AF less than 72 hours later. I was told by my EP that in my case he did not think there was any chance it would work first time. Even though I have gone back into persistent AF my situation has improved comparing it with the few months before the CA.

    I was told initially that the success rates are much better if you have Paroxysmal AF as opposed to being in persistent AF and I have read that on here as well. It was explained to me that the longer AF goes on the more paths the rogue electrical signals create. Also when I was first diagnosed my GP said in her opinion it was much better to have an outcome (not necessarily permanent) that did not involve taking drugs permanently or minimised the amount of drugs.

    I have no hesitation going for my second CA when EP deems the time is right nor a third one which is at least a 50:50 possibility.

    I think that it was Bob who said AF begets AF.

  • Sorry to hear how things have been going, feejbee.

    I've mentioned before that I wish my ablation last year had been earlier. I feel I was taking too much flecainide for too long and personally I'd nip in the bud and not wait for things to get worse before an ablation.

    If one gets in the ablation queue one can always drop out if it feels it might be too soon. My EP has a long waiting list so I'm perhaps a bit enthusiastic about getting a toe in the door.

  • Hi Fee - Sorry to hear about that. If you've had two years of being AF free, then why not see whether a cardioversion can help now? I wonder why it's kicked off again!

    Wishing you well.


  • Thank you for all your replies. Of course you're right I will have to sort it out as soon as possible.I have a GP. appointment next Friday and she will refer me to see the EP .

    Jean ,thank you for the suggestion but a cardioversion is not necessary at the moment cause it's PAF and apart from one episode it's not fast AF. -well yet , probably just a matter of time though.

    Thanks again


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