I though I might make it until the Ablation

I though I might make it until the Ablation

I was really hoping that I would make it another 2 weeks until the Ablation without another attack.

It started about 15 minutes ago and I just took my BP. It's 104/60 with 148 BPM. It's been a little over a month since the last one and I am so tired of this. I'm just sitting here waiting for it to go back to normal but I know I've got 5 or 6 more hours before that happens. I can't wait until the ablation and the chance of never doing this again. Just have to ride it out and hope it's not a long one.

Here's a pic of the latest reading...

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  • Oh no, Tim! That is not cool :-( Well, maybe you can have a little "last episode before my ablation party ;-) Isn't it wonderful to anticipate that maybe it won't ever happen again. I hope you didn't have anything big planned for the next few hours. Try to do some calming breathing and ride it out and let us know when it is over. Sending good thoughts.

  • Thanks SRMGrandma,

    About 2 hours into it. It has calmed down a little bit. My heart rate is between 120 and 145 now. That makes it a little more bearable. Still hoping for a short one.

  • Thank God... A short one. Only about 3 hours long. It is such an awesome feeling to feel your heart go back into rhythm.

  • Wow, that's really a short one! Fantastic!!!! Truly is the most awesome feeling in the world to be back in rhythm again. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

  • Ugh glad ur back in normal rhythm. I had it this morning but only for 2 hrs!!!

    I see the EP on the 25th so we can decide on ablation. Good luck!!!

  • So pleased to hear that the attack was only 3hrs long. I really know just how that feels and the great feeling when it is over. I would be really interested in hearing about how the ablation goes. I am seeing the cardiologist next month to decide the best way forward. Hoping that is all goes well for you - have a good AF free weekend!!

  • Afib2012, Thats the day I have my ablation.

    rupert12, I'll post about it afterwards.

    I am really looking forward to the ablation, I guess the attack yesterday reminded me exactly how much. At the same time I am really scared to have it. I have watched all of the videos, especially the ones from those who had the ablation saying there was nothing to it. I have studied about the different types of ablations ( right side, left side, single node and pulmonary vein & others) and I think that I'm about as educated as I can possibly be (for a poor Indiana boy) but I guess the idea of running wires into and through my heart still scares me.

    I go in on the 19th for a bunch of tests and to get a CT scan of my heart. I have to take my INR on the 22nd and call in the results and then be there at 7am on monday the 25th for the procedure. They say it will take about 5 to 8 hours and I will have to stay overnight.

    Oh well... Sorta feeling like I was hit by a truck today. Thats pretty normal for the day after an attack.

    Thanks all for the support and kind words.


  • Good luck with your ablation procedure. I had mine about 5-1/2 months ago. Take care of yourself afterward and don't overdo anything. Some docs will say you will be up and doing fine in 3 days or so. Well, give yourself 5-6 weeks to full recover, and expect from irregular heart beats for a while after that while your heart is healing. I had the cryoablation done. I still have some palpitations. I have tried to go into afib about 2 times a month, but you can feel the flutter and then it stops. I have heard that it takes a year for your heart to fully get to normal. So, take it easy and good luck.

  • Thank You puglady57,

    I'm "Semi" retired and work for myself repairing iPhones/iPads and iPods so theres no heavy work or stress. I am really looking forward to NOT having my heart "go to the races" again. I just spent about an hour on the phone with the Coumadin clinic going over everything for the next 13 days before the ablation.

    Praying that yours will also be a success story.

    I assume that your name is because you own pugs? My son has a pug named watson and he is the most hideous looking pug I've ever seen. He is so ugly that he is cute.... He can wake the entire house up with his snoring.


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