Greer and here we go again

Knew it was too good to be true. Had my ablation in July. 3 weeks af free until Sept then it came back. Been okish until last few weeks. Only difference is chest pain with the af but no noticeable palpitations. Still as breathless and on loo constant. So I'm now in permanent af again in a&e and waiting for hospital here to ring my cardiologist at my hospital for my heart stuff in morning to let them know and to see what's next.

Could just cry but I won't. It's just another blip on my af/heart journey x

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  • By my calculation, you have been in AF for 7 months during this last episode. From other posts, a cardioversion was done when patient went back into AF soon after ablation (you indicated 3 weeks AF free). It seems no decision was taken in these last 7 months to bring you back to NRS. Regardless of what procedure is next for you, I do wish you the best.

  • Was bit groggy last night from the meds was meant to say 3 weeks after my ablation and being cardioverted and no af afterwards my af came back but was coming and going but for last few weeks it's became permanent again. I had an mri in February and got my appt with my cardiologist in April to see what's next but might find out today when they ring over to him.

  • Just to be clear here it is not permanent until cardioversion fails to right it. You are in persistent AF at present and this is not so bad as you think. All may not yet be lost.

  • For some reason Bob I've never been cardioverted just the once after my ablation. In all the times I've been in af and as you know by my previous posts there have been many that's the only time. It's always been meds and more meds and doses been up and down like a yoyo. Its the fact my symptoms are different now and that I had the chest pain that I came up last night. Once doctor comes I'll find out what's happening but still in af at min. Never thought I would say this But I miss the heart thumping palpitations as since my ablation don't get them just feel slight niggle in my chest.

  • Think the chest pain needs investigation- if it gets too much go to A and E

  • When my af / flutter returned after my first ablation the paramedic said to me "a minor setback". At the time I was feeling awful, in the ambulance, and just looked at him. However after my last (third) ablation, 3 years ago, I can see that he was absolutely right. !

    Don't cry yet, first step of the journey is done.


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