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The EP told me yesterday, that here where we live in West Somerset, there are 12,000 people with AF and millions more who don't even know they've got it! Amazing, isn't it. He rubbished Digoxin, said it was no more than a sugar pill, so took me off them. He said Flecainide affected different people different ways. Certainly when I was on it a few years ago, I experienced dreadful sweating, literally pouring down my face...looked like I'd stepped out of the shower! I was so glad to get off it. There's no doubt that Amiodarone is the best for AF, but very bad side effects if you're on it more than one year. The EP agreed. So, I'm back on it just til I've been permanently treated.

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Pleased you have had your EP consultation and hope you are well on the medication. Are you on an ablation list.



I will be, Dee...He's going to arrange it. Will have ICD implant first, tho.


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