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Do I still need to take Rivaroxaban?

I have just had, 2nd April, an AV node ablation, so my Pacemaker keeps my heart in SNR. So do I need to still be on my anticoagulant? I had no instructions when leaving hospital as they were trying to get all the patients out the door on the evening before Good Friday! Then Saturday, hospital was on Black alert, yet again

Any advice would be gratefully received.


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Di I am sure that you know that whilst the PM will keep your ventricle beating regularly it will not do anything for the atrium which may continue to fibrillate although your heart beat will be regular. This would appear to mean that any stroke risk remains. For sure many EPs believe that even after successful ablation the risk remains so I would most definitely not stop taking anticoagulants. As I often say,nobody here you give that kind of advice anyway as we are not medically trained. Please wait to discuss at your next appointment and even then think very hard about it.



Thank you Bob, I have not stopped taking rivaroxaban, just wanted to make sure. Trouble is at the moment I am taking so many pain killers, I don't know which way is up, and all this beautiful weather.

Hope you are able to enjoy it 😊

Angel blessings and a calm week.



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