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Do I need to go back to hospital?


Hi been over night in hospital with AF and heart rate of 100 upwards. It’s normally on under 70. I felt ill.They let me home after putting me on the drip and when my heart rate was back to normal. I’m now on 98/100 and I have been a little light headed a couple of times and my heads felt as if there is water in there a couple of times. when standing from sitting. The difference is I don’t feel ill this time. Do I try to ride it out? I don’t want to be a time waster. I’m on Bisoprolol and Dabagitran. Is it just down to the heat and to be expected with this condition? Thankyou.. I was assured I won’t have a stroke or heart attack because I’m protected by the meds.

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Ps. I’m still in AF.

Samazeuilh in reply to Valdoot

Why not ring the cardiac nurse team at the hospital, explain the situation and bet their opinion?

Valdoot in reply to Samazeuilh

Good thinking. Thankyou. You know when you don’t want to be a pain to people by over reacting??

Samazeuilh in reply to Valdoot

Better to err on the side of caution. I shouldn’t think anyone would criticise you for seeking further information.

The rate is fine and you shouldn't feel ill with that but you have to assess the other symptoms and, if you feel they are serious, then you could go to be checked. Regarding still being in AF, that would be part of the plan- what does your cardiologist plan- are you going to have a cardio version? Is there an arrhythmia nurse at the hospital you could contact for advice on this?

Valdoot in reply to rosyG

Hi Rosy, no plan. It’s only my 3rd attack. The consultant said an appointment would come from the cardio dept shortly. Oddly enough now Iseem to be steady at the moment. This is such a confusing condition! I’ve only had about 6 hours sleep in the last 2 days, so maybe after a good nights rest I may be more settled.? Talking about the sleep thing I’m not particularly tired in fact the first night I was quite hyper! I’m booked in with my GP who sent me to A&E on Tuesday, I need help understanding all of this really. I had symptoms such as aching jaw which I didn’t know were in fact symptoms of heart attack. Maybe I’ve posted in haste because I do feel more settled now. It’s a crazy condition!🥴😊 Thankyou for your reply .

Valdoot in reply to Valdoot

Just thinking. I can’t have a cardio version because I don’t know if I’ve had attacks before? I have had dizziness on occasion but just put it down to geo our of bed too fast so causing blood pressure spikes. You can tell I know nothing, even the terminology is strange to me, sorry. Like today, I thought because I had to stay in hospital until my h rate went back into the 60,s, but at home it’s risen again I thought I should race back to hospital. I need to get educated on this now, that’s obvious. I’ve been given very little advise and much of its conflicting. Confused and scared describes me at the moment.

Tapanac in reply to Valdoot

No worries about airing your concerns. We are all here for you and understand completely your feelings and scares. It has been very hot lately and when a friend was driving, he saw at least two people faint. However if the high heart rate (although it wasn't a particularly high rate - I remember mine being 240-250 before I had my ablation and was taken into hospital 11 times), but anything you feel is more worrisome, the paramedics told me don't hesitate to call an ambulance. Better safe than sorry. However glad things have settled down now.


You are protected from stroke by the anticoagulant and your rates are not very high. AF is a chronic condition not an emergency BUT if you have chest pain or fainting then yes go to hospital or call assistance. The warm weather makes your heart work harder so it will show up any problems. Stay well hydrated (water not tea or coffee) and rest.

Valdoot in reply to BobD

Thanks so much Bob. You’ve helped me feel settled with your answer. Thankyou

Valdoot I was exactly the same as you. When I started with it my HR was 150 to 190 sometimes, really scary. I have searched for information and both my cardiologist and GP told me what I needed to know. This site is also the best thing since sliced bread for help. Everyone helps to make you feel more settled with your condition. No matter how many times you ask a question. My cardiologist is Sanjay Gupta, if you search for him on YouTube he has some well informative info on there. Keep talking and asking questions and keep in touch. Best wishes Denise x

Valdoot in reply to Tikaneko

Thankyou for that. I’ll look him up. My docs and hospital haven’t been very good. I get a feeling they don’t like questions!

Good Morning, how are you feeling this morning. I was in AE this time last week they let me home at 3.30am. Just to let you know the jaw thing I have had literally 100 times over the last 10 years. Sometimes realLy bad sometimes just a passing few mins. I think it can be reflux not your heart. Your juices I.e. heartburn, all play a part in causing AF. Another thing AF works off anxiety. You do need your sleep. Albeit feeling like you are hyper. You do really need 6 to 8 hours sleep. This is something else AF works off. Because it is early days with you ask questions. You will know more than the doctors know in the end. I have had AF 10 or more years now, I used to be so scared every bout I had. You will get to know your body and what it can put up with. Meanwhile read as much as you can ask as many questions.keep looking on this site. Everyone will help you. Dial 111 they don't mind they will always sort you out. It has only been the last 2 years where I have so called sat it out at home. I have had numerous cardioversions and an ablation but I do feel quite well most of the time. As for all the jargon used I sometimes don't know what people are talking about. Let me know how you are now. Xx

Valdoot in reply to Gillybean123

Aww thankyou. I slept straight through which considering the heat proved I needed it. My heart feels steadier now so alls good. It’s knocked my confidence abit now, I must admit. It’s a day to get occupied now and not let my mind drift I think. Thankyou for your post you’ve given me lots of info and it all helps to understand this crazy condition. Luckily I don’t dwell on things so by tomorrow it’ll be a distant memory.💕💕

Gillybean123 in reply to Valdoot

It is normal to feel like it has knocked your confidence it always take me a few days to feel like myself a bit. I have four dogs and they do need to be walked but the first day I lie low for a bit and just do small bits at a time. Glad you are feeling better.x

I keep on reading of cardiology nurses and AF nurses but in nine years of cardiology consultations have never seen one. I did once casually talk to a nurse in the corridor who was waiting to see someone and she said she was an AF nurse. When I later asked I was told they no longer had one.

Valdoot in reply to seasider18

It seems to me that the Americans take this condition a lot better than the UK. I may be wrong? AF here is kind of met with an indifferent attitude by NHS? I’ve had really no help with understanding it all, it just seems a case of take the meds and you’ll be fine. In fact yesterday I could tell my questions to the consultant we’re making him impatient, you know, couldn’t wait to go to the next bed. I think it’s probably seen as a trivial condition to them. I think he saw I’d had it for 2 yrs so was ok but it’s only my second attack so it was very frightening. No , no real help at all in my case and obviously yours either.😢

seasider18 in reply to Valdoot

I've been in permanent AF for over four years but I'm not that aware of t. I'm told that cardioversion will no longer help because of the size of left ? atrium but if I have an ablation it may reduce the size and allow for a successful cardioversion. At my last EP consultation he asked why I wanted to be in NSR anyway ?

Over time I've turned down RF ablation, AV node ablation and Cryoablation from different EP's on the basis if they offer so many which is really the right one for me.

BobDVolunteer in reply to Valdoot

All cardiologists are not electrophysiologists (EPs). Most are plumbers not electricians so have less understanding of the problems involved. We reguarly say here you must see an EP if your cardiologist does not help improve your quality of life (QOL)

Dear Valdoot

One of the things that I feel every time I have afib, is a real sense of fear, anxiety and a form of despondency. As this is a condition (if you are suffering from afib) that you have to sort of get used to with a balance Of medicines and the effect of any episode on your life, there is a learning phase ( I am in it) of taking action / seeking help from medics and just getting on with life.

I agree it is a good idea to call the cardiac nurse if you can, if not I believe at the start of this being absolutely sure there is no underlying dangerous condition is safer than hoping something turns up there is a reassurance in being not urgent in A&E ! 😀

For me once the high heart rate stops I go to the other extreme and feel very euphoric and happy, and I really hope this happens to you shortly, use those periods to seek reassurance about your condition and to understand when it makes sense to go to hospital and when it makes sense to relax and sit tight good luck!

Valdoot in reply to Sfhmgusa

Isn’t it odd! I felt euphoric while my heart rate was high, sleep was nowhere to be found! That’s when the mind takes over isn’t it at night time. Yes I feel teary today, poor me syndrome which isn’t like me at all. I’m at my GP on Tuesday so I’ll have a good old natter with her. I know she will be good because such is my lack of knowledge I was in shock when she called the ambulance. I had no idea I needed to be in hospital and there is the problem isn’t it. Knowing when to ride it out and when to get help. I’m feeling very stupid at the moment. I’ve learned loads from this thread tho and thankyou so much.

One thing you are certainly not is stupid. AF is scary, especially when you first start getting attacks.

I know you will find this strange but most people find they get more support and understanding here than from any GP, I guess they just don't have the time to tell us all there is to know about AF.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, we always say there is no such thing as a daft one.

Here is a link to some easy to understand talks on AF and the heart given by one of the kindest doctors - Sanjay Gupta, who works at the York Cardiology Dept in the UK:


Thanks for the info. You’re right I’ve learned more from the lovely folk on here than from NHS. In fact you’ve all been a godsend! Thankyou

Saw my Electo guy last week (first time) and I asked what to do if I spin back up to 150 pulse...should I go to emergency like the 1st time. He said no. take a 50mg beta blocker (my usual is 25) and a couple of those if necessary, 6 hours apart should convert me to my usual 63 pulse. Thing is that running at 150 pulse is stressful for the heart and will wear it out, but you can last few days without it doing damage... My doc reckons my first episode was running at 150 for week or more.. So getting it fixed in day or two is certainly needed, but its no big emergency room panic and doesn't signal an immediate heart attack...... That's how I understand it and I always travel with extra beta blockers just in case

Valdoot in reply to allserene

Oh wow! That’s something I must talk to my doc about! It sounds like a perfect solution! Thankyou

I'm in US. I went to E.R. because heart was racing. It went up to 160 than fell to 35. Did this all night. They wanted to release me in a.m. A nurse came in and said Don't go home, you're the same as when you arrived last night. I called my GP, he said If you don't want to go home, tell them you're not leaving. I stayed and was admitted. It was a week before my heart rate was anywhere near normal. Bottom line? If you are experiencing symptoms & feel you should be in hospital? Go to hospital. I didn't know I could demand to stay!

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