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Started using Magnesium oil today

I've been very sceptical about using it but my USA friend has eliminated his AF episodes using the oil. My AF episodes rarely last more that 42 hours but today I'm in AF after 105 hours. So a few minutes ago I applied mag oil to my thighs and am waiting for it to dry. It will be interesting to see if mag oil makes a difference to my AF episodes.

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What is this magnesium oil? Would be interested to hear if anyone else has found it effective. What is your heart rate when you are in AF still after 105 hours? Sandra


please keep us updated, Id love to hear your progress and hope it is good.



Magnesium is the mineral in your body most responsible for stabilizing heart rhythm so I am not sure why you would be sceptical?

I started supplements about 8 weeks ago and have not had an AF attack since then - I would usually average one a month and usually be at A&E every 2nd month.

I have had 2 minor "events" which I stabilized in less than an hour instead of just assuming these would be an all day event and probably mean hospitalization.

I combine supplements and the spray however I may back down on one or the other as I have a feeling that with both I am maybe over doing it.

Are you using a certified magnesium oil? Spraying it on uncovered areas is best - like your thighs - however the more skin you cover the more you absorb. The bottle should tell you how much per spray and/or teaspoon of magnesium you get and you can work from there - I use about 40 sprays which gives me around 600 mg.

With anything like this you need to persist - usually a month minimum as, if you ARE deficient, topping up the reserves can take anywhere from 3 - 9 months.

This link will give you some info - did you know magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body? It assists with everything from depression to leg cramping to AF.


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