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Follow up from my Sunday's AF atack

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Put a post on last sunday about my sudden A F attack,

any way went Doc's and she put me back on Bisoprolol, 2 days later pulse down to 80 ish but still in A F, woke up Thursday morning pulse 56 and back in NSR, Had E C G booked for Friday and it showed NSR and 58 pulse.

Will never understand this A F comes and goes when you least expect it, But it's only 15 weeks since second ablation,

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Early days higgy..keep cool!!

Hopefully it was just a blip

I assume you have not any recognized triggers for AF? I never found mine. Just seemed random.

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higgy52 in reply to KMRobbo

yes just random

I often think I have found the cause and avoid doing or eating what I did the day before only to be surprised again by an episode out of the blue!

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wilsond in reply to

Hope it stays steady Higgy xx

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