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I have most bad attacks of my A/F in bed at night,it weakens me out of my sleep,a really bad headache with it, I get out of bed,when stood up straight i burp,burp,burp,plus loads of flatulance as well, lol,but on a more serious note this eases my A/F, I have always thought my A/F episodes are connected to do with my digestive system,does anyone else suffer the same symptoms. (I mean wakens me up,not weakens) lol. Just wondering, thanks viv

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  • I am sure digestive problems contribute to my AF and my GP has confirmed this when she visited me today. Its to do with the Vagal nerve she said. I have a ridiculous amount of wind when my AF starts, so bad that you can hear it next door (and we live in a detached) lol.

    I have a hiatus hernia and acid reflux and my AF started within weeks of being diagnosed. Definitely a contributory factor in my case and my EP also agrees.


  • Definite flatulence here too, especially during a bout of AF! What the heck is all that about?

  • A lot of the feedback on here helps,you know your not on your own,there's people having the same symptoms

    Thanks for the reply


  • I think the two are connected Dee,I am just waiting to see an E/P,I will keep everyone updated,oh for a good nights sleep lol.



  • Hi meadfoot,that is exactly how I was diagnosed and 2/12 years later they are still trying to sort out the acid in my stomach,been on omeprozole and esomprozole,all that time and still feeling exactly the same.Just had another endoscopy and found I,ve got ulcers even though i,ve been on antacids ll that time.

  • I find Lansoprazole works best for me but we are all different. I could not get on with omeprozole made my stomach worse. Hope you get something sorted now they have found ulcers. Its a real downer.


  • Thanks Dee,I,m waiting for biopsy results to see if it,s bacterial,but i think it is the omeprozole that is giving me nausea.

  • The vagus nerve is the neural superhighway between brain and various organs including stomach and heart. In some AF patients what upsets one will upset

    the other. Not everybody has vagal AF but those who do need a different treatment plan than those who do not. Discuss with your Electrophysiologist and if you haven't yet seen one make an appointment.

  • Thanks bob,I have asked my G.P. To be referred to see an E.P.i was taking dronedrone, it seemed to ease my symptoms,but when I had an E.C.G. It showed I was still in A/F,my G.P. Wanted me to try amiodarone, but with the side effects you can get,I don't want to take this drug,I am on warafin,but am suffering at night with A/F,hope I get an appointment soon,I will mention this about the vagal nerve,it's great talking to people on here,makes things easier to understand.thank you viv.

  • Hi Viv

    Do you take an acid inhibitor at all, I have very similar symtoms and my AF always starts in the early hours. I switched to taking my acid inhibitor at night time rather than morning with the hope that the medication is at its most potent when I am at greater risk with AF. It has definitely decreased the frequency of AF but certainly not eradicated it.


  • Yeah I do Dave,i take one 15mg lansoprazole every morning, I will try taking it at night,I will try anything for a good nights sleep.



  • I have exactly the same issues. Most times I wake up in AF. I mentioned the link between the burping and AF and the doctors said there is none. Although if you look on the Internet it's very common.

    I also have problems with gastritis and one GP said if the stomach lining is inflamed it can press on a nerve near the heart and cause AF. I've not had this confirmed by anyone else though.

  • I got exactly the same told to me by a G.P.nearly a year ago she was so to the point the two weren't connected,they have sent me to a different surgery now,the G.P. there specialises in A/F he is very helpful,will ask him about this when I see him next,like yourself I have done a lot of looking up things myself.



  • Agree with all above. Very often digestive symptoms (burping, wind) are followed by AF. Wheat, beef,pork, dairy not a friendly food for me. I also have hiatus hernia and gastritis. Feel better when taking probiotic.


  • I agree Eva,your diet can set A/F of.



  • Just to clarify again. this is very common. I once asked Prof John Camm about it long before it was recognised and he agreed that it was possible, We had a member once trying to prove that you only got AF if you had hiatus hernia but that failed as not everybody has vagally mediated AF. Purely a guess but I think about a third of AFers do.

  • Once again,thanks Bob.


  • Yes Viv I have Vagal AF too, Lone Paroxysmal. I have been burping loudly for a long time for no apparent reason at any time of the day but didn't appreciate the connection via the Vagal Nerve until recently. My GP is very technically competent but it's outside his comfort zone and is restricted as to what tests he can do under the NHS.

    I therefore saw a Naturopath who suggested a hi tech urine test, the results were categoric that I had high bad gut bacteria so on large dose of special mix Probiotics and also Glycine. He said GP would do antibiotics if he knew the problem but he much prefers the Probiotics, which will crowd out and eat up some of the bad stuff. The Glycine evidently helps and also (he was quite excited about this) should reduce anxiety levels. Time will tell......

  • Keep us all updated to how you go on.



  • want some!

  • Yeah me to Bob.

  • Me three!

  • Yes......(burp)....me too....(purmp).......sounds like I ..(parp) need some of...(burp)...that!

  • Ha ha ha lol

  • Sounds like mine - I had an episode Monday night and I was burping like crazy. Dog thought I was mad!

  • Hi Viv my first very baf episode of AF occurred whilst lying in bed for no apparent reason - it was preceded by a headache & indigestion & reflux. I am sure it was linked, as Bob says all linked to the vagus nerve. My heart can go all over the place particularly after a heavy meal. Omeprozole does keep the reflux & bay, which does help the old 'ticker' I think!

    Best wishes Aly

    Ps bad not baf

  • I do think it's all connected


  • See the following advice about Omeprazole drugs.com/omeprazole.html

    The advice may have changed. When I was put on it a few years ago, because of other emdications that I was then taking, the advice was only to take it for a few weeks.

  • I read in a natural cure book that acid reflux is not due to too much acid but too little. I also read that apple cider vinegar will stop acid reflux right away. One tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar will do it. Much better than drugs. Also I read the apple cider vinegar becomes a base in the stomach so maybe it does reduce the acid. I take apple cider vinegar capsules morning and night and it seems to be a solution for me. Also minimizing dairy helps. Might be worth a try. The apple cider vinegar will likely not hurt you.

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