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Just been for my 3rd Pacemaker check,found I,d had 3 episodes of AF since the last test 4 months ago,2 lasting a couple of minuites and one about 15 minuites.didn,t know i,d had them.dosen,t help as I also have an hiatus hernia and stomach ulcers so my feelings in my chest are all over the place.Can not be on anticoags because of the ulcers,just wondered being only short bursts of AF and fairly long in between each episode if it was still safe not to be on anticoags of some kind.I,m 63 years old had AF for 2 1/2 years and fairly fit,walk every day and cycle regularly.the results from my check will be sent to my Drs,so I will be seeing him shortly but would really like to sort the ulcers out first before going on anticoags.

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