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Long Haul travel and Dabigateran

Hi, I requested that I be prescribed a NOAC instead of Warfarin and my GP supported my application and has prescribed Dabigateran 2 at 110mg, one twice per day, which I started last week

A question, I shall be travelling to Thailand in April, has anyone travelled through similar time zones and can offer advice on adjustment to make on when to take the tablets?

It didn’t occur to me until this weekend, during the week I take one at circa 6:30 AM te second circa 7pm, but a lay in at the weekend- is that problem?

Thailand will be plus 6hrs when I go, never let this be problem with my blood pressure tabs as these are only once a day and has in the past been easy to adjust. Dabigataran though is twice per day and if possible I don’t want to be taking one at Mid day and Midnight if i can avoid it .

Any thoughts or advice from travellers?

Thank you in advance

Best wishes to you all

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hi Hippy

What I do with warfarin, slightly different as once a day is move it over 3 - 4 days 2 hours a day, and then do the same when I return.

Bit inconvenient at first but very quickly over it.

If I remember you go for fairly long chunks so should not be so bad.

Be well




As the NOACS have a short half life you do need to take them at the same time each day and 12 hours apart. If I were you I would stick to 12 and 12 as it lines up with the timing here unless you wouldn't be up at 12.?


I agree with Rosy. You must take them at 12 hour intervals or you will not be covered. Warfarin takes a long time to degrade so you can get away with a few hours either way but not NOACs.



Hi many thanks for the fast responses it seems that I have some adjustments to make.




If you do decide to stick with UK times and not do as Beancounter suggests then I recommend using an app on your phone or tablet that gives you the time in UK and also to set 2 alarms per day.


What about tablets taken twice a day- Flecainide & Bisoprolol. I will be going to Washington DC which is 5 hours ahead & would like to stick to 6am & 6 pm as I do here. How is it best to alter those times please?


Hi Pattiann

Have you NEVER missed taking a tablet? I have occasionally and been 24 hours adrift. When I go abroad I have found it simpler to stick to the same time of day eg 8am and 8pm using the local time. At the worst you will only be 5 hours adrift. Saves having to get up at say 3am to take your medication.


That is what I have done in the past but reading other posts wondered if I should be more careful. However I will continue to do as always. Thanks


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