Hi everyone hope you are all well. Haven't posted for a while but I am seeking some advice. Been to see the GP today after a request came from my consultant in the Heath to put me back on warfarin. Seems that my echo and CT scan came back fine and am now on waiting list for my third ablation(second pulmonary ablation). Even though I suffer with symptoms on a daily basis, I can't decided if I want to put myself and my family through another procedure. I am on quite a high dose of both tildiem and arythmol, and both past ablations have been unsuccessful. There is a chance it won't work again, and if it does then the chance of it coming back in a few years is quite high. Having this information would you chance a third procedure? Any advice will be gratefully received. Thank you all. xx

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  • I did and AF and AF drugs free for nearly 7 years. Worth every moment.

  • I sympathise with your dilemma. I have had one ablation and for 15 months symptom free and it feels great. My ep says ECG shows short AF episode and may need another. I would much prefer have another ablation than to go back to almost daily episodes so I suppose my answer is yes, if there is a chance it will work I would go for it.

    Wondering if you had a bad experience as not sure what you mean by saying you don't want to put yourself or your family through another procedure. I found the procedure pretty painless and recovery OK too. Anyway wishing you good luck with your decision making,- never easy!

  • I had my third procedure a year ago and didn't work so have opted for a pace and ablate, have had first part done just waiting for av node ablation! then fingers crossed. Good luck

  • Thank you both for your comments, I appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences. xx

  • To my mind, keeping medication down seems to be a good thing and if a procedure will cut down on or eliminate the need for drugs, it may be a good move even if risky and even if not guaranteed to be a permanent solution. I know this is not everyone's view.

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